The Imperial Conflict Rulebook

By logging onto your game account, you agree to the rules described on this page.

1 Rules

1.1 Game Rules

  1. You are allowed to have only one user account. There is no way to delete it, although it can be anonymized upon request to remove your personal data.

  2. Sharing accounts is not allowed, including “babysitting” accounts for players while they are away.

  3. Creating an account for a friend or family member is not allowed. The intended user of such an account must perform their own registration.

  4. Any tools or programs you use to interact with the game must be cleared by Staff and made available to every player.

1.2 Communication Rules

The following applies to the game, forums, and chat.

  1. Do not harrass other players. While some “trash talk” is tolerated in competition, excessive insults and/or persistent harrassment may be deemed a rule violation. There is no exact definition for this so if you aren’t sure, err on the side of caution.

  2. Do not use vulgar, sexually explicit, or graphic language or images, or share links to websites with such content.

  3. Do not use offensive names for your empire, family, forum name, or chat name.

  4. Do not spam.

  5. Do not excessively use CAPS.

  6. Do not impersonate Staff or other players.

Opinions differ on what is considered “vulgar” or “offensive” so please use your best judgement. What is defined as a rule violation is at the disrection of the Imperial Conflict team. When in doubt, err on the side of caution.

Our forums have additional guidelines that you can read here:

1.3 Undefined Rules

Using and/or abusing the game, site, and/or other members of the community in ways that are not directly covered by the rules here may still be deemed a violation, even if said specific actions are not explicitely forbidden by this document.

“That’s not in the rules!” is not an excuse to find loopholes or otherwise exploit technicalities.

2. Reporting and Enforcement

  1. For violations found in the forums, please use the flagging feature to flag problematic posts. For non-forum violations, please contact the staff at

  2. A player may or may not be warned for rule violations. The decision to warn is at the discretion of the Imperial Conflict team.

  3. The Imperial Conflict team reserves the right to take any steps, within its domain, it deems required to correct rule violations. This includes the modification, banning, or removal of your account and/or its content, without warning.

3. Summary

  1. What is considered a violation of these rules is at the discretion of the Imperial Conflict team. When in doubt, err on the side of caution.

  2. General feedback about these rules is welcome in the feedback forum.

  3. These rules are subject to change without notice.

The Imperial Conflict community has adopted these rules for your protection and to ensure that everyone can enjoy their experience here. We welcome you to Imperial Conflict, and hope you enjoy the game.

We’re going to be cleaning up our chat and forums a bit in terms of tone. We’re all generally pretty good, but we do sometimes get a bit nasty with each other in jest (and occasionally in frustration), and use more colorful language than is necessary.

I’m guilty of this too.

Going forward, we’re aiming for more of a PG-13 tone so as to be more friendly to community newcomers and to just generally provide a more positive environment for everybody. The rules above all still apply, but the threshold for what is deemed “offensive” is changing to be a little more strict.

What is considered “PG-13” is ultimately the Staff’s decision. As usual, when in doubt, err on the side of caution.

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We’ve made a slight adjustment with regard to disclosing enforcement decisions. It’s been determined that players have a reasonable expectation to know if they are getting involved with a player with a history of violations.

When players cheat, they not only violate game rules, they also violate the trust of their teammates. What’s worse, is that when a player is blocked or deleted, their teammates are indirectly punished as their family loses momentum and sees their time, effort, and funding wasted.

Given this, if a player is caught cheating they should not expect it to remain out of the public knowledge.

Specific Changes

1.1 Enforcement


  1. Any information on specific enforcement decisions is private and will be not be disclosed by the Imperail Conflict team to any outside parties.


  1. Information on specific investigations and enforcement decisions is by default private. Players, include those who report suspected violations, are not entitled to any updates or findings on the matter.

  2. While private by default, confirmed rule violations — including player names — may be disclosed in the interest of the community. The decision to disclose relevant information is at the sole discretion of the Imperial Conflict team.

1.2 Communication


  1. Do not post on the site or in that chat to make accusations of rule breaking or to discuss blocks. Issues and questions regarding rule breaking and blocks should be discussed privately by sending an email to


  1. Do not post on the site or in that chat to make accusations of rule breaking or to discuss blocks, unless specific events have already been disclosed by staff. Unless already disclosed by staff, comments and questions regarding rule breaking and blocks should be discussed privately by sending a message to @game-moderators, or if that is not an option, by sending an email to

We’ve added an item to the “Enforcement” section:

  1. Moderator enforcement actions, by default, require approval by a second moderator. Exceptions to this may be made if urgent action is deemed necessary, in which case a second moderator will review the decision afterward.

We’ve updated the rules about impersonation to add clarity.


Do not pretend to be another player or a member of the Imperial Conflict staff.


Do not impersonate Staff or other players with intent to deceive.

“Intent to deceive” refers to a player actively claiming that they are somebody else. This is different than a player using another player’s name as part of a theme. Please see the thread below for background on this change.

Thank you.

Let’s bump this back up. An remember it’s not about if it’s right or wrong, but that it is best for the community as a whole.

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