Feature: Messaging Revocation

Hi everybody,

In an effort to maintain a positive and friendly environment, we’ve added the ability to revoke messaging functionality from players who insist on harassing others.

If offending players are reported and found to be in violation of our rules, their form for sending new messages will be replaced with this notice:

This is empire (round) specific, meaning they are not permanently blocked from communication everywhere, only where the violations have occurred. However, repeat violations may result in further action.

Please do not hesitate to report harassment to the @game-moderators, and please do also remember to keep discussion reasonable even during wartime.

Thank you.

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Is this for the in-game message system?

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Cool. Would it be allowed to report abuse if the reported abuser is performing the abuse via discord and it’s desired to keep that person at bay in the game itself?

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Unfortunately we can’t guarantee linkage between Discord accounts and game accounts, so the bans there wouldn’t cross over.

With Discord, the best route is to block the user directly if they are causing problems in PM, and if they are causing problems in public channels to report it to one of the @chat-moderators.

I suspected as much. Sounds like a good feature.

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I think a lot of people were hoping for the ability to individually select others to not receive messages from, but this sounds like a great feature! The threat of temporary ingame messaging bans should help reign in some reckless people.

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