Staff Criticism

I think it’s pretty constructive, if you want people to suggest new galaxy set ups then you have to encourage people to do it, you don’t encourage anything. All I see you do is monitor the forum which 5 people post on a month and then monitor a discord which you have banned half the community from. How long have you been covering up all the negative stuff instead of facing it and working through it. You need to put in some more effort working with the players left, instead of making the ones you don’t like that much vanish.

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For context, this was originally directed at our Moderator, @Soull.

For clarity, Soul has not banned anybody. He and I have been discussing enforcement policy but the Discord bans have all be my doing. So please don’t give him a hard time over something that ultimately bubbles up to me.

As for those Discord bans, the players in question violated the rules. Nobody is entitled to a free pass because our numbers are low or because they’re long time players. In fact, not enforcing policy has lead to several people leaving on their own accord. This was covered in the Dev Updates for August 2020.

As for forum posts being hidden and/or removed, the forums will continue to be managed in accordance with our community guidelines and The Imperial Conflict Rulebook.

Nobody has been banned in-game recently. It’s all been temporary bans for chat and forum offenses.

As for criticism: it is very much welcome, even if it’s “negative stuff”. However, being generally disrespectful, insulting, trolling, etc; that is not welcome.

Be Agreeable, Even When You Disagree

You may wish to respond to something by disagreeing with it. That’s fine. But remember to criticize ideas, not people . Please avoid:

  • Name-calling
  • Ad hominem attacks
  • Responding to a post’s tone instead of its actual content
  • Knee-jerk contradiction

Instead, provide reasoned counter-arguments that improve the conversation.


For what it’s worth, I think that @I_like_pie has done a great job addressing the concerns of the community and trying to take this game to a better place.

While the community instead of working with him, has been very vocal of their discontent and are not very privvy to the changes that he is trying to make. Granted, it does not always work, and the changes aren’t always for the best; but we are so quick to leave or quit and wonder why the game is dying…maybe try to be more helpful and not get upset when things doesn’t go your way…

As for @Soull he’s doing a great Job, you can’t please everyone, and by trying to do so it has hindered the creative process and growth of this game.


I agree 100% well said @kingray


He didn’t even read it

Who didn’t?

I think OrBit made a joke :laughing:


Orbit the war to save this game was lost over a decade ago, nothing you say will change anything or the current group of people residing in here. I would suggest saving some time go outside and find a new hobby as its not hard to find better communities of players.

@Vash_the_Stampede, if somebody is unable to play without breaking our rules, trolling, being excessively hostile and/or driving new members away, then perhaps they are indeed better suited for a different game.

There are plenty of games online that allow their playerbase to cannibalize itself. We are making it a point to be better than that, and it’s long overdue.

@OrBit’s post was a personal rant about a specific staff member, not a critique of process. It was also based off of false information, which has since been clarified. We’re not going to dwell on players dragging people into the mud over a temporary Discord ban.

If anybody has specific critique about our processes, and can offer it without personal insults, you’re welcome to post a new thread in #support:feedback.

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