Battle Testing Contest: $100 in Amazon eGift Cards

We’re adding some incentive to test the battle rewrite on our (1-minute tick) dev server: $100 :money_with_wings: worth of Amazon eGift cards. :ic_smile:


Prizes will be split between winners in the following categories:

:bug: Bug Hunting

Players will receive a point for every confirmed attack-related bug that they are the first to report. Bug reports must be made in the #support:bugs forum to count.

I repeat:

Bug reports must be made in the #support:bugs forum to count.

Note this is actual broken functionality, not typos or design critiques.

:crossed_swords: Successful Attacks

Players will receive a point for every successful attack they make against eligible* targets.

:shield: Successful Defending

Players will receive a point for every attack they successfully defend against from eligible* attackers.

:money_mouth_face: Prizes

  • 1st Place: $15 USD Amazon eGift Card (3 awarded, 1 for each category)
  • 2nd Place: $10 USD Amazon eGift Card (3 awarded, 1 for each category)
  • 3rd Place: $5 USD Amazon eGift Card (3 awarded, 1 for each category)

:medal_sports: Consolation Prizes

$5 USD Amazon eGift Card each for:

Sign Up / Eligibility

We’re going to invite others from outside the community too, starting with To prevent people gaming the system, to be eligible you must:

  1. If you don’t already have one, create an empire via

  2. If you haven’t already, write a post in #general:introduce-yourself. Let’s take this opportunity to meet new people. Get creative! :ic_happy:

  3. If you don’t already have one, create a testing empire on

  4. Join the “Battle Testing” galaxy at

  5. End with at least 10 planets. This is to prevent join spam.

Please follow our community rules and be respectful of other players. Rule violations will result in disqualification, so remember to be nice. :ic_smile:

Other Details

  • Contest ends on Saturday, April 18, 2020 at 17:00 UTC
  • Players cannot win multiple prizes.
  • To claim your prize, contact me (I_like_pie) on Discord.
  • Remember, bug reports must be made in the #support:bugs forum to count.

Have fun, and good luck!

Hmm If only I could join this…

Yeah asKingray says. Does not look like there is an open galaxy…

Is there a join button on this page?

To clarify:

  1. You have to join via the galaxy page directly. Galaxies that end within a week don’t normally show up on the galaxy join list. See step #4 above.

  2. Units are not free. That was a different test galaxy.

I have two questions:

  1. Amazon not available to everyone.
    B. Dollars won’t be worth anything for much longer.
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We can work out an alternate for those who can’t or would rather not use Amazon. Players can send me a PM on Discord if thats the situation.

Also, we added evolutions, players now have 99 evos to allow for multiple race changes.


The testing deadline has been extended by 48 hours. If you haven’t joined yet, there’s still time. :slight_smile:

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Just in case the issue gets lost in the discord chat.

sending just trans and droids only seems to skip the Air to Air part of the battle if under the cap and 70% or trans land regardless.

Also sending for example 20k ground to a guy with 100’s of thousands hurts the big guy alot more than the little. To a point where numerous small hits would eventually bring the big buy into range potentially.

Your units fight at 235.4% power.

You start with 0 Bombers, 0 Fighters, 0 Soldiers, 5000 Droids, 100 Transports.

— Phase 1: Air vs Ground —

The defending fleet destroyed 30 attacking transporters.

— Phase 2: Air vs Air —

The defending fleet destroyed 21 attacking transporters.

— Phase 3: Ground vs Ground —

49 of 100 transports landed, delivering 0 soldiers and 2450 droids.

The attacking fleet destroyed 481 defending droids.

The attacking fleet destroyed 2850 defending soldiers.

The defending fleet destroyed 367 attacking droids.

Attack after with just figs=

The battle starts…

Your units fight at 235.4% power.

You start with 0 Bombers, 1006431 Fighters, 0 Soldiers, 0 Droids, 0 Transports.

— Phase 1: Air vs Ground —

— Phase 2: Air vs Air —

The attacking fleet destroyed 440971 defending fighters.

The defending fleet destroyed 301929 attacking fighters.

— Phase 3: Ground vs Ground —


Defender win!

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Thanks for the continued testing, everybody. We’ve got some bugs fixed and a few more things coming.

A quick note/reminder: we will likely be having ongoing discussions even after this gets pushed out. Our primary goal is finding/fixing any bugs, but the larger goal of making the battle feel balanced is going to continue to be a focus.

As for this contest, we have about 20 hours left now. Current eligible participants are, in no particular order:

Note: if you’re not on this list and think you should be, make sure you’ve met this requirement:

If you’re not sure, feel free to contact me on Discord or post here about it.

To anybody who isn’t in yet, there’s still time to get in and win a prize, including that random draw prize. :ok_hand:


I’ve found nothing, other than a new fascination for the game, so count me out @I_like_pie. :slight_smile:

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The contest is closing in 1 hour!

There is still 1 main bug I am working out, so unfortunately we are not sure yet if this is going to be ready for #milky-way-76.

Registration will open soon regardless, and either way we will continue to bug hunt after the round starts.

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The contest it closed!

Winners will be announced shortly.

Winners have for the most part been contacted and paid their prize, but we’re still waiting to hear back from some before we post the final results.

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Thanks for your patience, everybody!

Some of the winners decided to waive their eligibility. We ended up with the following 5 winners:

:bug: Bug Hunting

@TheBigOne squashed the most bugs!

:crossed_swords: Successful Attacks

@JamesISunstorm killed it with the most successful attacks.

:shield: Successful Defending

@Dukey stood his ground with the most successful defenses.

:medal_sports: Others Prizes

@Scouty_Rawr scored the random draw. Lucky!

@Vegnarok collected the prize for best intro. Nice!

Thank you everybody who took the time to help. :ic_smile: Dev remains open if you want to join us as we continue to fine-tune the battle changes in prep for #milky-way-77.


Most successful attacks, without a previous win :joy: