Who is Sunstorm

Here’s a short intro I’ll be updating and adding more as I can

I’m pretty sure I was playing starkingdoms, and found the Mmorp. Top 100

Came from a pw round family name was disasters, firestorm,beast,sodley,mgs,bibs

  • pw and and to were my fav, but honestly the single man gals have taken that spot
  • favorite role is lol banker or iron bank
  • the people in the community are my favorite,
  • I have spot of hobbies outside ic, I vape, I’m a cannabis enthusiast, I enjoy working with small electronics, woodworking, and my number one hobby is fish keeping, I keep African cichlids from lake Malawi in Africa, mostly mbuna,

Fish keeping is pretty cool :open_mouth: I remember as a kid we had one of these guys:

Probably not as exotic of a fish as you’re used to though. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s actually quiet a pleco, I my self seem to have bad luck with lol

Did you say cannabis or cannibal enthusiast, just wondering if I need to hide my weed or myself :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Is honestly hide both buahaha

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Say’s ok as slowly backing away with my weed hidden behind my back till im about 30 feet away then runs screaming hide your weed Sunstorms lose…


What is it with all those sun worshippers & their weed? :smiley:

They go together pretty well

I’m like Jon Snow, I know nothing! :joy:

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ommmmmg its a xanthus how goes it my oldest ic friend!

Mine :joy:

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its qa start better than myself lol fertikizibg some ground lol

Bro! How are you doing?

not to bad its been quiet a while my friend, chugging along in life, new wife, baby on the way, new house, and working nearly every moment im awake been super busy the past few weeks, have worked 10hr days for 7 days a weeik for last month nearly lol

glad to see ya back, hows life treating you? well have to idle together next round like old times lol

Just delete where you are now James and join XanthuS this round! :slight_smile:

that would be mean and im mostly inactive and still in top 5 lol

Looks like the need some love, I learned that smoking their fallen sisters with some Bob Marley on the background gives of the best vibes. And yes James, I make my own fertilizer too, from soil to ashes till a storm from the sun takes us up and away over the rainbow! :smiley:

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Immmmmm back lost my old account but, I’m back James here

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“Came from a pw round family name was disasters, firestorm,beast,sodley,mgs,bibs”

I am pretty sure we had been Catastrophes and not Disasters :slightly_smiling_face:
And damn… what a round that was lol

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