Who is Dukey?


I’m Dukey, Steven Duke is my real name, Dukey is what all my RL friends call me too, so was not very expressive when choosing a name. Live in a lovely coastal town in Yorkshire, England. Married with 2 kids. Im a Network Manager (work with computers and networks, and have to deal with teachers - an odd bunch mostly)

Played IC on and off for must be going on 15/16 years. In its “golden era” you would have mainly found me winning in Triangulum, Draco, odd occasion PW, played MW also to own over there too from time to time. Reading my old forum posts the other year I found myself to be mostly an obnoxious teenager.
Played with and against fondly Orbit, Lee, Joor, AW, Kagar, PP, ICD. One of my fav memories was jumping ICD as a main attacker for a war and he went AWOL. Found out months later he had been locked up.

Seem to always play main attacker lately but not always active enough to do as well as id like in some rounds. If RL or work gets busy, IC is put on the back burner and I can even autodelete from inactivity from time to time, haha :stuck_out_tongue:
I prefer to ressie and backup attacker, especially if I cant give the game 100%.
Lately you will mostly find me playing with anyone that asks. Best part of the game is working with and getting to know people you haven’t played with before.

Like to play and watch Football (the proper one where you kick a ball around)

Thanks for reading!

Stay Safe