Who is TheBigOne

I guess… Let’s get to know the player base here… not just the ugly owner and only Mod :slightly_smiling_face:

I started this game in 8th grade because other kids in my school had been playing… Winter of 00 or spring of 01… honestly who remembers that far ago!

I started off playing by a lot of names, mainly because I had 20+ accounts that never lasted but a few weeks before they got blocked.

After a while I picked my name I have now, and have stuck with it. “Btw I picked the name because I was the bigger kid among my friends of tiny skin and bones, not because I thought I had a large “part”. Because… Well of course I am Ginger! That shit doesn’t happen”.

I just started playing hard and heavy for a good year or so… got lots of good and bad vibes with the community, and then the big crash happened… I felt like a crack addict without my crack! I’m so glad I had some members on MSN messager and ICQ “remember that old stuff kids!!!”. We kept talking about the game, and checking it daily… Until it finally came back! This crack addict had his crack again!

I was one of the founding members of Force of Will or FOW. Who tried for many rounds to beat Anzac and never could… But man was it fun trying!

I’ve played in every gal, but was not a tutor.

I remember on my one year anniversary with my wife, we left the bar so I could come and raid during a war! This was before phones could handle IC… Let me tell you my wife wasn’t happy!

I slowed down when my first child was born, and when my second was born I quit the game to spend time with them.

When Pie purchased the game, I knew I had to come back… I didn’t like the direction it was going with squirrel, and didn’t actually like him at all, and when he no longer was in charge I felt a need to return.

That and a lot of people were coming back!

IRC finally died… And KT told me about Discord and sent me an invite on Facebook… that’s all it took and I was back!

Now I’m back, better then ever, and don’t spam as much as I used to, yet :smiley:

Also as you may see, I am now an ambassador for Imperial Conflict… My role is to try to get the game out to the public, in different ways, and promote what I can… And also try to piss Pie off in the meantime,just for fun.

What is your story? Let’s hear them!


TBO ma man! :smiley: Nice intro


I Remember You…

The Forsaken.

Yow I remember .And stop using my name


you are the rubbish talker

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i thought i was gonna learn something about you lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow this takes me back… I remember celebrating a New Year’s Eve on a backup IRC channel we had.

Classic! I’m still guilty of stuff like that once in awhile. It wasn’t too long ago I was on a date night with the GF at a bar and casually snuck onto Discord to talk to you guys drunk lol. She wasn’t happy about it either haha.

Aww, too bad the forum signatures are gone. I always used to giggle a bit whenever I saw that convo of arsy and myself.

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Arsy! where is arsy! Arsy for Mod again!

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I did this before it was cool!

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Old school!

You also raised cattle before it was cool. And guess what…

It’s still not cool?