Who is Mrblonde?

I honest to god have no idea.
Who is he? Why is he. Did he join September 30th in 2003?
Has he had many awards for heroism? Or was he an underappreciated soldier of days past?
Could life have been more obligatory?
Is a potato a vegetable? Not really, but who cares?
If there is a god, would it be him? Or would it be his father? Or his father’s father? And does that make him Jesus, or his less Hispanic version: Hercules?
Who knows? And why? Oh, where?
All we do know is that Mrblonde is. He is. And therefore was. And wasn’t. But is. Or isn’t he?
Yes. Simply, yes.


Such a way with words. Some things will never change.

Never change blondeh. Never. Change.

Blasphemy! This is the only way I can claim to eat veggies as part of my diet. x(

If only one could make billions with meaningless, empty words. I’d be filthy rich. And then broke. And then filthy rich again. And broke again…

Ever heard of poetry. (Sick burn /s)

Nobody ever got rich off of poetry.
Except for rappers. And they’re just really awful at poetry.

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