Thanks, Soul for prompting me to do this by your post!

Who am I?

Rivan (R-ee-v-a-n) here, Ed at home. I’m a data and tech geek. I run a couple of companies who focus on making all this crazy data we produce nowadays meaningful.

IC History

I started in Round One (i idled through the last three days of Beta 4), and played with some awesome players.

IRL I’m hugely competitive, but for some reason, that hasn’t translated into IC… perhaps I’m just not very good at this game.

The key players who have made a positive impact to me playing are/were: Ingenstans, MrBlonde (wanker), Mace (taught me fighter runs), PlayboyPenguins (for showing me how proper fighter runs are done), Smaug (for trying to steal my money) and too many others to mention.

Why am I still here?

Despite you lot being a strange community, you’re fun. And the game can keep me entertained, even when I pretend not to be playing.


Oh. And I’m 8.82% older than Soul. #datageek


That will shrink over time :stuck_out_tongue: when will it become exactly 1%? Maybe you could grab a countdown for it (although not sure if your Bcirtificates will have seconds to get closer than minutes)