Milky Way 67 Cheating: Multis and Illegal Market Aiding

Hi all,

I wish I could be back under better circumstances, but that isn’t the case. :man_shrugging:

We’ve got some reports of some nasty cheating in MW67. In particular: lots of multis, account sitting, and illegal market aiding. I’d like to provide you all an update.

The mods

Firstly, every mod is playing in MW67, which is why I’m giving you this update instead of them. They haven’t been given any of the details that I’ve found, and have been told that I’m taking this one on myself.

I mention this to preempt any accusations of bias.

The “obvious” suspects

@WhiteShadow, @HydroP, and @HellRaizeR got banned for a similar offense 2 rounds ago.
Many people assume this is them doing the same thing here.

I admit, I too was suspicious and had my own biases going in. A lot of it “makes sense” on a superficial level.

The problem is, people have a natural tendency to look for patterns that confirm a belief they already hold. I have read a lot in several reports about how it’s obvious that they are guilty again, how accusers know that it’s them, and how much of a shame it is that they’re cheating their way to an advantage at the expense of the everybody else who is “doing real work”.

Well, the data just doesn’t support that.

What I found

I showed up unexpectedly to their family chat yesterday, and spent a few hours reading everything they had discussed privately since pre-round. They did not know I was coming, and most players don’t even realize that I can get myself access to private family Discord chats. I’ve never hid that fact, it’s just that I’ve never had a reason to until now.

What I found was very candid discussions, even a few things that were not particularly friendly to Staff, but overall zero evidence of anything shady. Rather, I observed an extremely high level of coordination, some clever techniques to gain early advantages, and even a general avoidance to do anything that may even resemble wrongdoing.

I even found perfectly reasonable explanations for a few strange things others have reported. Out of respect for their privacy I will not disclose any of that here. What I will say is, it is dangerous and unfair to make assumptions. If you yourself value having the benefit of the doubt, you should consider the same for others as well.

Although I am not done processing all the data I’ve collected, including suspicious market history which points to others, I can say with confidence that their current standing is legitimate. They are doing real work. This is likely not what many of their accusers want to hear. It is however, what the data supports.

Put simply: they are as of now in the clear.

We can put an end to any conversations about them being “obvious cheaters”. This is not about that family, it is about somebody else who is cheating and making use of them being a convenient scapegoat.

The actual party involved

I am not going to name anybody here, but they are likely to read this and I’d like them to know that I have a large amount of data that is not looking too great for them, and I am currently collecting more.

In the interest of thoroughness, and most importantly, fairness, I am going to be as close to 100% certain of my findings as possible before I move to enforce penalties for this, which will likely include a longtime game ban.

I take cheating seriously. This is a priority for me and I am not cutting any corners.

To the party involved, if you would like to contact me privately, we can discuss a reduced punishment. An admission will help us all move on, and save me some work as well. I would strongly assume that you’re going to be caught eventually anyway.

If you are banking on evidence being gone because of the multi-accounts being killed off by the inactive script, that isn’t the case. I have daily backups and am looking at game snapshots from when those accounts and their histories were still there.

The offer is there if you’d like to take it. Please get in touch.


laying the hammer down!


Great work going at this alone Pie.

I’m also slightly happy that it wasn’t WS and Hydro because now they can stop being accused every few seconds.


Well that’s the thing with cheating … just like a husband who cheats on his wife… he will be suspected until the end of his days.

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Thank you Pie we really appreciate this.

Yes, we cheated that one time ONLY in over 20 years of playing the game.

We deserved all the crap sent our way when we done it and we deserve the scepticism this round but be it know whether you want to believe it or not we will NEVER cheat again.

I mean this round proves we have no NEED to cheat to do what we do best.

We are AWESOME LEGENDARY players :slight_smile: and should not have done it but it’s over.

For those like Pickle who do not believe in forgiveness that’s too bad for him and any others that do not like forgiveness.

So it’s on the showing why I am the God of IC the Legendary IC Attacker of all time.

P.S. I should not have been banned from chat, Munder and Orion were the ones doing the accusing and using curse words all I did was Troll them like I always do but w/e just means chat is boring like usual.

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Well, now you know why @I_like_pie Pie is imho zeh goat.
He owns the game dipshits.
Among other things to be sure. :heart_eyes:
(Liek the buttsecks, so much buttsecks - so so much)

Glad to see @HydroP and @HellRaizeR are in the clear - they sure didn’t sound like cheat0rs when they brought up this issue or their subsequent ban in #general. They just sounded betrayed and baited by heavy handed @moderators.

@moderators You gonna hide this post too?
@moderators Spit it off into another section to bury it?
Your subjective, ill defined bullshit of hiding of everything that offends you or the babies you are fucking sweet on is becoming tiresome.

Players get to make their fucking points, be heard, and be respected.

Deal with it you micro machiavelli’s.
Your boss has been around a long time.

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Lol I am not going to give you the benefit of the doubt the very next round you are back lol. We didn’t have any multis last round … you guys come back … are off to a huge lead, and there are multi’s everywhere! Of course your crew would be suspect #1. Like I told Hydrop in our private chat, I wasn’t 100% positive it was you guys making the multis as there were other fams I was surprised that were able to keep up despite not doing heavy science builds.

I am glad it is not you guys, I don’t mind getting my ass kicked, but being beaten by cheaters is infuriating. Glad Pie takes this seriously and is narrowing in on the culprit.

P.S. you were most likely banned from chat for making homophobic slurs





If I made homophobic slurs it was because I was having a Munder and Orbit orgasm and the words just came out slurred.




Scorp, u r still alive! I knew it!

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Truth is I am not bothered by people immediately looking at my fam as the cheaters. We cheated a couole rounds ago and the style was the same as this event. As well, we do have a large lead and some people will wonder how that happened obviously.

It makes sense to look at us and assume we are the cheaters. But there is a fine line between suspicion ans wondering and pushing an agenda as Munder seemed to want to do. No (in my opinion) he has pie (no pun intended) on his face that marks him as a douche.

My family had a solid start strat, some kinks we tried out that worked, and active randoms who followed the plan perfectly. All of this has culminated into our lead.

I dont care if people continue to throw out the cheater remarks because we did cheat that one round but also because we are dominating the early round right now without cheating and it makes you look petty and unskilled.



Well said.
Welcome back to the ranks of the honorable.
Well deserved - and nice fucking start!

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Thank you Pie!




Good words. If I was in your shoes I’d be the same. What we did was wrong and there will always be a stigma or asterix. And until more cheaters are piled on to that list then we will always be suspects which is fine.

I appreciate you pointing the finger in a classier way than some others . Cheers.

/gets the popcorn out for the witch hunt lol… I jump ship quick!!!


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Scorp da Man :stuck_out_tongue:


spill the beans pie lets hear it! give him 24 hours and then put him a blast


Alrighty everybody, thanks for your patience.

I don’t intend to repeat past mistakes so I’ll keep specifics to a minimum.

The conclusion

Hoebagslutwhore of 6370 (@Shane aka BG) has been blocked for creating at least 7 alternate accounts, some of which traded exclusively with him, and others of which traded mostly with him. I worked through aggregate transaction stats for every empire in the galaxy, as well as all transactions from the suspicious accounts, so I’m fairly confident in the findings here.

Also, although IP addresses by themselves aren’t sufficient evidence for multis and account sitting, they can still be a factor when combined with other evidence. In this case, a few IPs shared amongst the multi accounts also all came back to the same master account. There were a few other factors too, but some of it is better not shared.

The rest of 6370 as far as I can tell were not involved or aware.

I reached out to discuss details, but he removed himself from the PM. :man_shrugging: @Shane, your block for now is only on MW (not forums) so if you’d like to address anything here, feel free to. You can also still PM me if you change your mind about talking with me privately.

As a reminder for everybody, the point of this disclosure is to give future families fair history of their members. We’re not doing this for the purpose of public shaming. We still also want to eventually log this briefly (and automatically) on a publicly viewable profile so we can not have to do this here in the forums at all.

Family 6365

Family 6365 was particularly damaged by all of this, having multiple of the dummy accounts and also already being at the bottom rank.

To offset this, they have been migrated elsewhere and their old family has been closed to new joins.

What happens next

There’s been a lot of great discussion about how to prevent this going forward so that we can stop it before it starts. In particular:

These discussion are extremely helpful, and others are welcome. If you have something else you’d like to add, feel free to post a new thread in #support:ideas.

I’ll be around for the next day if anybody has any questions about this here. After that hopefully we can get on with the round, and the @moderators can get back to doing the heavy lifting. :stuck_out_tongue:



So will u now, after second time people get fucked by cheaters, close market for longer time, please?

7 days minimum please

And we can get an Amen for the cheater catcher :wink: