Bring back Virgo


For Your Consideration @moderators

Bringing back Virgo would work.

It worked before.

Now I have been gone a long time, so IDK how long Virgo has been gone but I remember when it was introduced and it really helped with the riff raff. (I.E half your fam is inactive)

Now, you can get 10 planets pretty quick, with the starts we have now, but it was harder back then and took a week or more maybe, but now with these 500k starts you can pull it off in 2 days so if anything you’d want to make it harder so people wouldn’t “farm” accounts for cheating, give people standard ressies like back in the day

A real training gal for new players, and also a buffer for a lot of issues.

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Galaxy joining requirements
Galaxy joining requirements
Milky Way 67 Cheating: Multis and Illegal Market Aiding
Milky Way 67 Cheating: Multis and Illegal Market Aiding

I really really like this idea. I tried to get Virgo back a couple years ago but I think the idea died out or transformed into Manthano, which wasn’t the same. Starting it with higher starting res to make Virgo quicker definitely would be a good intro to new players. Original was 1x and took almost a week, which I think would be too slow, and 10x would just let you get it in one day so maybe 5x is a balance of taking 2-3 days and actually learning something about the game.

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…forgotten once again…

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Yup! That’s why we keep brining it up until it’s brought back!



Just get virgo right.
Could we not have a Virgo Mod/Tutor?

I think two would be best?

Get a really old player from the MW (sorry little gala guys - you played with like an 1/20th of the game’s prime population).
Get someone who has been playing currently for a few years. (Most of you are from the smaller Gala’s - thus the PP/Kagar goat votes).

That way the two sides of the community are catered too, and the best training available for total noobs.
Just a thought.



I think this would defeat the purpose. Sorry Darrk.

If your that pro getting through it wouldn’t be too hard anyway even with 1x resources.

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1x resources takes 3+ days to get to 10 p.



I remember it being longer, if anything then something should be done to make it longer intentionally. Like having a neutral race with no bonuses and all ops for the whole training aspect before you play in a real gal, but then also slowing exploring to make theoretical minimum a week, or scrap all that and have a time limit. Simply you need 10 planets and must be in there for a week before pass.



I just think having new accounts spending a minimum of a week is too long, since that becomes more like two weeks for people who have never seen the game before. Even at a couple days, it’s a deterrent to making multis.



What I am saying though is you could put a week time limit and then leave everything else as per normal, so if an experienced player could get 10 planets in 2 days they are still stuck there for a week MIN meaning you can’t pump out a ton of accounts easily. Where as it could take a new player up to a week with a x50 start anyway so no big deal



We want to get new people playing… making them wait 1 week before they can play the “real” game just kills their enthusiasm… a tutorial gal that takes 1-2 days is fine, but any longer is just catering for the n00bs in MW who can’t deal with having to deal with anyone playing sub-optimal*

*meaning not in the way the mw-n00bs want…



Believe it or not, Infinitum will eventually become the introductory training galaxy. All while maintaining a level of fun for advanced players.



Actually that is the best option… especially if we go down the route of clans… infinit gets to be the training and recruiting ground… people get used to it… have so e basic beginner clans who are endorsed by pie but really are infinit only, who can be like tutors and get people ready for the mid game galaxies (SN and MW) where the real clans can recruit and practise line-up and strats for the elite full-draft galaxy (Draco)