Regarding violations and public disclosure

Hi all,

We’ve had a fairly unpleasant and taxing situation in the last week with a specific case of rule violations, players responses, and concerns about our moderation processes.

A tough decision was made yesterday to publicly disclose details of a particular investigation, partially in response to the offending player requesting an ability to respond to specific evidence.

However, after considering feedback and reflecting on the impact, it’s been decided that we have over-shared. As much as we value transparency, the exposure of some of these details has been perceived as a public shaming, which was never our intent.

While we still may disclose information about rule violations in the interest of the community, we are going to reevaluate how this is done, including ways to automate it so that nobody feels like they are being specifically targeted or shamed for the sake of shaming alone.

Thank you to everybody who took the time to respond. Your input is appreciated.

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A week huh? Classic Sol, he’ll never learn that’s for sure. :joy: