Milky Way 65 Cheating and Deletions

As a matter of policy, we don’t allow public discussions about blocks. However, the blocks are completed and the players have been deleted.

Therefore, we are now free to discuss this.

This post is not meant to publicly shame. This is a relevant current event and some have been asking about it and an explanation is reasonable.

3 members of Family #6236 have been found to have engaged in illegal market trading, which is against the rules in non-UA rounds. They created dummy accounts (multi, another violation) to feed them extra starting resources.

We received reports of this, followed up with our own investigation and found corroborating evidence, and have since received confirmation from parties involved that they did in fact knowingly cheat.

Given the significance of this unfair advantage, all players involved have been deleted.

We have found no evidence that the remaining members of that family were involved or even knew about the cheating.


I assume we are not allowed to know who the guilty players were? I understand why, but would be nice to know for future reference so someone doesn’t put their cart behind known cheaters.

No, can’t disclose that here. You’ll just have to do your private investigation

it was not me!

Not yet u mean

@Picklearmy I am considering a change to our rules to allow disclosure of this information.

I normally lean towards more privacy, but I think in some situations players have a right to know if other players have been caught cheating.



We’ve updated the rules accordingly:

In the interest of players knowing for future rounds, the 3 players who were caught were @HydroP, @Odenheim (Hellz), and @WhiteShadow.

I doesn’t bring me any joy to disclose names, but other players should know this for future reference, especially if they are on the same team so that they can assess risk accordingly.

Cheating sucks, please don’t do it. Your reputation will be tarnished.

I’d like to also point out that we should think before judging too harshly; some of the players involved in the reporting were themselves blocked and deleted within the last year for their own violations. I myself at one point was also blocked for multi accounts.

That doesn’t excuse or justify the actions here, but I don’t think these players should be ostracized. They should, however, hopefully learn from this if they decide to return to the game.


:joy::rofl:mr ic legend himself haha


Wow they really do suck then :sweat_smile: cheating and still can’t keep up with a 7 man fam.

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Damn whiteshadow still plays…

Actually as of today… he doesn’t :smiley:


The big question is, what is going to happen with the WhiteShadowFanclub that Scorp created? Strangely enough around the time those [fellows] stopped posting in forums.

Luckily Scorp can use the tissues what they are ment for now! To paraphrase the legendary yellow banana, they are legend…wait for it dairy! :rofl:

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Tbh I am surprised that that Texan isn’t involved in all this himself. Seeing he is the puppeteer of the other 3 muppets who just got booted.

I bet he somehow had a feeling he was being looked into. Still, karma, best gf I had in ages. Ha! @SCORP :clown_face:

@I_like_pie , thank you as well for making the swift adjustment with regard to disclosing enforcement decisions! I for one appreciate it. You are legend! :kissing_heart:


Haha you dopes