Speed up the Tick

The tick is taking longer and longer. I need to find ways to speed it up. Some starting points:

  1. Move archived data (past rounds) into a different db and/or server.
  2. Optimize the tick script itself.
  3. Optimize the game’s data structures that are most impacted by the tick.
  4. Pay for a better-performing server.
  5. Split the Tick on a single server so that galaxies don’t all have to update at the same time.

You know that my preference is #5 as I want a galaxy with a slower tick rate.

#1 sounds like a smart practical idea. Does this data actually slow down the system that much just by existing on the same database? I’m guessing that moving it the first time will be an unmitigated mess, but that creating a script to move galaxy data when rounds end in the future would be a cleaner, automatic process.

#4 is the simplest to do naturally. Throwing money at a problem is not always the best answer though.

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#1 likely has an effect, though I’m not sure how large.

#2 will probably be where I start, as that’s a requirement for #5 anyway.

#3 will be nice too, as the game as a whole would receive performance benefits as a result.

#4 is a last resort, and ideally won’t be necessary.

@TIF and I disbanded the majority of our billions and billions of military units. Is there any improvement in the tick speed at all?

This was brought up again recently here.

This is becoming a more urgent issue, gonna move it above Rebuild Support for Mal's MapGen for now.


For reference, the recent tick speeds are averaging just under 3 minutes, with longer ones taking just under 4 minutes.

This is pretty nasty, and I will be aiming to get this back under 1 minute maximum.


I think it would be nice having say MW at the 00 mark, Infin at the 05 mark, and customs at the 10 mark. That would take a lot of the load off no?

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That would confuse my head

put a tick timer on the menu screen to the left?