Additional Server Potato and Bionic Hamster Legs


The game went down earlier this morning for about 2 hours after hitting 219% server load. :grimacing: We’ve been experiencing some brief but more frequent downtime leading up to this and unfortunately I wasn’t able to identify/fix the cause before things exploded.

As a last resort, we’ve upgraded the server. It’s not the most ideal option, and isn’t a long term solution, but in the short term it should alleviate our pain.

It’s also an expensive option. :expressionless: It’s going to cost an additional $480 for a year, but should keep us in much better shape while I work on fixing things properly, at which point I plan to move providers and downgrade as well.

Much thanks to our @imperial-patrons for making these things much less painful than they need to be. For those of you who would like to contribute, I can very much use the help covering the cost if you’re interested in pitching in.

If you’d like to help, you can:

  • Subscribe via Patreon, or adjust your existing tier here.
  • Make a 1-time donation here.

Thank you all for your patience!