Make ticks 60 minutes...!

… it sounds ridiculous, but right now, 5% of ticks are taken up by a big “roll over” process.

I realise that this is a fundamental mechanism of the game, but it shouldn’t take this long.

I’m posting this to see if there’s anything we can do to speed things up, not to judge where we are.


Is this something you’re interested in?

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Sorry, what? I don’t understand what you’re asking for.
Ticks are 60 minutes…

Or are you talking about how long it takes for tick to happen (the 3-4min)? In which case, Pie has mentioned something about it already, here: Speed up the Tick

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Good find @Torqez, I forgot I had posted that.

@Belg, does the Speed up the Tick task capture what you’re asking here?

Yup. Very much so. I should read before I post…!

No worries! Thanks.

Gonna close this thread and we can continue the convo on the other one. :+1: