Split the Tick on a single server

We initially supported different tick speeds via alternate servers, but this proved to be too expensive to run.

We should allow the main server to manage tick speeds as a galaxy setting, and update them according to their respective schedules.


Ancient ones, such as myself, would like a slower tick speed so we can play without suffering the dreaded Tick Fatigue disease.

slower than 1 tick per hour?

A slower tic speed has to be slower than the current 1 tick per hour speed :smiley:

Damn right I want slower than a tick per hour. I guarantee a lot of people that have retired from the game did so because of Tick Fatigue. Sure, a banker can take it easy and log in a couple times a day, but an active attacker, especially one during wartime, finds that the hourly tick is overwhelming after a period of time. Humans need to sleep. We generally need to earn a living. Have a life outside this game. Being on every 60 minutes is too stressful, hence so many retirements of very good players.


You obviously didn’t pick up on the rethorical/sarcastic tone in my post…

I was more refering to like: why on earth would you like something like a 1tick-per-2 hours galaxy…

you know what, make it 1 ticker per day! We can have rounds taking a year!
Or! THE REAL GALAXY! 1 tick per week! Then weeks is actually weeks (althought it’s now turns)

Hey everyone, voting for this will move it up the priority list.

Why should you care?

Good question.

The answer is because being able to run galaxies at greatly accelerated tick speeds will allow us to quickly progress through testing different variables. This in turn potentially means changes to the game can be instituted at a faster pace.

I know that we all have our favorite 10 changes we’ve voted for, but sacrificing one of our votes for this will be a good investment in your enjoyment of IC for years to come.

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Bring on the 20 min ticks

It will lessen the pain of defeat at my legendary attacking hands as your death will be much quicker

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5 minute ticks.

Just enough time for a smoke but perhaps not enough for porn or the wife.

Make it 7 minutes :crazy_face::crazy_face: