Rebuild Support for Mal's MapGen

I was talking with @Torqez today, and we’re exploring (hah!) how viable it is to support the old IC Map Generator program.

The biggest sticking point is that the new map isn’t compatible. Unfortunately, bringing the mapgen-era map back, even as a separate thing, would pose security risks.

dat .dat though

The good news is, we don’t need it anyway. A few old .html files exist for older galaxies, and we can use those as a reference point to figure out how to compose the .dat files for current galaxies. No live version of the old map needed.

Even better, I found a post and some code from Smartys that may be a big enough hint to get us started:

Humorously, he made this comment about Stefan hosting his file:

We may see it just yet. :wink:

I’ll post here when I have more info.

The in-game map will still ultimately aim to replace mapgen entirely. Until then though, if we can support it, we should.



w00t w00t

Thanks @exceed and @Translucent for confirming the previous map (not the original map) still works.

That’ll save us some work for sure.

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that wasnt me, but I will take credit :smiley:

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Brilliant! And I love this attitude:

Where is the ICMapgen File at? Anyone have it?

I might have some will check when I get home

I’m gonna try to get myself set up on windows soon.

In the meantime, can whoever provided the MW70 .dat file provide a step-by-step guide for how it was done? That will save us some time.


Do we have the .exe file? I could have a go at it…?

Oh… and we could use the data I’m capturing as a source for the base data for the tool, rather than having to generate the .dat file.

In fact… looking at that php code, that’s pretty much what mine does…

I have icmap24a.exe if anyone needs it.

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Windows! (&%(&^#(*%&)#$##

What about Mac, iOS and Android support?

Decompiling the thing is going to be a bit miserable. It’s written in Visual C ++…

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I’d like a copy. Have you got a download link?

No need to decompile. Source files are included in the installer.


zip pass is

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I wrote this very quickly, without any respect for coding standards or ethics.
This code is NOT for educationnal purpose.

I don’t even garantee this code is bug free.

Oh, and the functions and variables names are in french too…

Have fun, and good luck :).

Here be dragons…!!

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To be fair though - it was written in 2003.

And for a free play online text based game…

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Oh don’t get me wrong… I’ve done the same myself. Rebuilding this might be tough… starting from scratch in JavaScript as a web tool might just be the simpler option. @I_like_pie - are you planning on doing something with this? Just want to make sure two of us aren’t working on the same thing…!