New Galaxy Setting: Delayed Research Funding

As requested, we now have a new galaxy setting that will delay the ability to directly fund research.

When enabled, all empires will see the following message on their science page until the date specified by the galaxy creator:

This galaxy does not yet allow cash funding of scientists. Please check again later.

Research Centers are unaffected and can still be built as usual.

Thank you @HydroP for suggesting this feature. :+1:


Other than the start people fund resesrch?

This I a great option though, great balance to the begging

Isn’t it called Gold? :stuck_out_tongue:


@I_like_pie Das “Change Maker” for @HydroP ? :medal_military:

He got one for the original thread :+1:

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I know it doesn’t matter…

But did you swap the wording? :joy:

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