Clan Wars, Beta 2 - Official



“King of the Hill”

Family Makeups:

  1. Leader and three players to start with.

  2. No holdover from CW-Beta 1.

  3. 7 Families.

  4. Draft / Free agent pool starts when all fams are filled.

Reasoning – let’s make these actual clans. We can do more FA and trading as the Uni becomes more developed.

Drafting and Selection :

  1. Player draft will be implemented after first 4 slots in all fams are filled.

  2. Selections will be treated as two round contracts.

  3. Trades are still legal.

  4. Barring a cataclysm there will be no re-shuffle for the remainder of the Betas.

  5. Free agents, post selection (and post draft) are also considered two round contracts.


  • New Galaxy Setting: Delayed Research Funding 7 Days.
  • 4 week round.
  • Round starts – Saturday (or Sunday) - 11:00 AM GMT (8:00 AM CST).
  • Round ends - Sunday - 15:00 PM GMT (Noon CST).
  • 48 hour market / offensive action delay.
  • No YAMA.
  • Cores are off limits – any core attack is punishable by (up to) an instant lifetime ban. Stay out of peoples cores.
  • Market restored with 48 hour start time.
  • No naps.
  • No allies.
  • No ops that change the status of another player unless during war (Except Destroy Units). Any op outside of war that changes the status of another player is punishable by (up to) an instant lifetime ban. Don’t fucking op till wars.

(To be clear – CPFF and similar non-harm ops are only allowed during the declared weekend wars.)

New Destory units is allowed at all times.


  • Center fight starts – Saturday - 1500gmt, (10:00 AM CST)
  • Center fight ends - Sunday - 1900gmt PM GMT (Noon CST).
  • 28 hours of war a week. Euro guys aren’t time fucked, and Americans can watch the NFL. Angry vampire types can man up and fight for 28 hours straight. It even gives times for Sabs to land, and be worked on for 4 ticks.)

New There is no fighting allowed in the center blob except during war times.




7 Clans.

1 Leader chooses 3 players.
Any additional players will either be added to ALL families evenly - or a Free Agent Draft will be implemented as per CW, Beta 1.


Clan 1 - Dad Bods
Leader: TheBigOne

  1. PickleArmy
  2. WiLd
  3. MTG_Dad
  4. Oldie
  5. Overlord

Clan 2 - Royal
Leader: Kingray

  1. Cells
  2. Daffy
  3. Dron3s
  4. Exceed
  5. WhoFlungDung

Clan 3 - The Horde
Leader: HydroP

  1. HellRaizeR
  2. Whiteshadow
  3. Flipmode
  4. Axel
  5. Exposed

Clan 4 - Immortals
Leader: Player1

  1. Protoss
  2. Nightwish
  3. Thirdrock
  4. Star99
  5. Orbit

Clan 5 - Veggies
Leader: Schniepel

  1. Daylight
  2. Ordos
  3. MrBlonde
  4. Masse
  5. Rivan

Clan 6 - Penguins
Leader: Jets

  1. Dukey
  2. Schnapp
  3. Kratom
  4. You_Fool
  5. Goddess of the Dead

Clan 7 - Bringers
Leader: Darrk

  1. Rizzy
  2. Tishxo
  3. Ved
  4. Swagga
  5. Sunstorm

Will each player get an evolve like last round or no?

And how many systems will be defined as each fams core? If a lifetime ban is a possible punishment for that we have to make sure it is clear what is each fams core. I’m assuming it’s the 8 black boxes surrounding the map border though? :stuck_out_tongue:

And I like tuat the market is back for the most part. But still no way to ensure fams don’t market aid each other I take it?

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That is a galaxy setting now, and yes.
Going forward that is likely available in most all galas - very popular option.

The map key, and round layout are pretty clear.
You are reading both correctly.

You are correct.
The only way to ensure no market aiding, is to not have a market.
The idea here is that round structure and the breakneck speed of the round prevent this kind of idiocy.

I suppose with so few players, and such action to be mind bogglingly obvious that we could ask Pie to turn over the back end market data transaction tables (oh yes, they for a fact exist) and any player guilty of it would never be allowed to play in CW again.

I am not sure how @HydroP would deal with it, but from what I know of him it would not be a slap on the wrist. He owns the Gala, as much as Pie allows “ownership” of anything in the game.

Hope that helps as an answer. I am just helping out right now because I am home, and really sick.


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Yeah, that helps. Thanks Darrk!

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Also, was wondering if you got any word on WarCry? If it can be fixed or put into use for CWs?

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Not a priority for CW this round, that is something that will have to go through the process.

We got one cool thing this round, a complex map for Pie to create, and are asking for a second - so not prolly going to come from CW’s think tank.

Sorry bud, frying bigger fish.


No problem. Was just asking lol

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Is that my old mate Wild??? Don’t suppose you’re still hanging with Chompeh?


If I can make a Legendary 9th Clan, I want to Lead it.
I don’t see any room in the Rules for that.
People have free will. If they want to join me cool…

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It is indeed @Ved :smiley:

Yeah we still do. Need to schedule a hangout with him here soon. It has been a little while. Speaking of a little while… How have you been? And very happy to see you back :smile: !


Bumping for everyone that needs to see the round setup.
We are kicking around a few options and the map will have to change because of the loss of a fam.

Something might still change - but that is the most of it. =)

Bumping again, Rules may still vary.
This is the nut of them tho.