Remove Science funding

So a lot of people here dont like the con building at the start of the round. Best argument i have heard so far is that it creates boredom for those not really involved. in that, i do agree.

another argument that can be made is that it allows those fams not warring to gain a massive advantage in eco (too quickly) over those fams that are warring. again, i agree.

so, what would be great is if science funding could have a suspension limit placed on it as well. Say 1 week, full round etc…


What do you mean by suspension limit?

Remove the ability to fund research with cash for 7 days (168 ticks) from SOR


Oh, I see.

If limited to just manual funding, this wouldn’t be too difficult. Is that what you meant @HydroP?

Adding to #roadmap:features #to-do. :+1:

Yeah manual funding. Rcs still work

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I 100% stand by this idea

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Great idea. At the very least, it’ll force people to think of new strategies…!

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Completed! Thanks for suggesting it.

Note: this is specifically for a date-based delay. Disabling it for an entire round requires slightly different handling, but can be faked in the meantime by just specifying a date further out than EoR.