CW - B2 - Rules


“King of the Hill”


  • New Galaxy Setting: Delayed Research Funding 7 Days.
  • 4 week round.
  • Round starts – Saturday (or Sunday) - 11:00 AM GMT (8:00 AM CST).
  • Round ends - Sunday - 15:00 PM GMT (Noon CST).
  • 48 hour market / offensive action delay.
  • No YAMA.
  • 9 System Cores are off limits – any core attack is punishable by (up to) an instant lifetime ban. Stay out of peoples cores.
  • Market restored with 48 hour start time.
  • No naps.
  • No allies.
  • No ops that change the status of another player unless during war (Except Destroy Units). Any op outside of war that changes the status of another player is punishable by (up to) an instant lifetime ban. Don’t fucking op till wars.

(To be clear – CPFF and similar non-harm ops are only allowed during the declared weekend wars.)

New - Destroy units is allowed at all times except during war cooldown.


  • Center fight starts – Saturday - 1500gmt, (10:00 AM CST)
  • Center fight ends - Sunday - 1900gmt PM GMT (Noon CST).
  • 28 hours of war a week. Euro guys aren’t time fucked, and Americans can watch the NFL. Angry vampire types can man up and fight for 28 hours straight. It even gives times for Sabs to land, and be worked on for 4 ticks.)

New 1. - There is no fighting allowed in the center blob except during war times.
New 2. - Wartime Cool down is 24 hours - No attacks or ANY OPs (including DU) during cooldown.

For the most part, same rules that have been up in the forums for weeks now.
Good luck.

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Time will start on 2019-10-06 15:00:00 .

These rules are changing by the minute now…

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No, I have the time wrong.
I am at a festival, will fix it when it’s over.

Sorry to trigger all the asperger types.

no, that time is right. 1500gmt on Oct 6th, 2019

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war ends sunday 15:00 gmt is still correct then? or is it sunday 19:00 gmt because of the 28 hrs war?

edit: i now realized hydros answer was about SOR… but still… in leader chat there is this:

™DarrkLast Tuesday at 1:41 PM

First war (I am 90% sure) is this upcoming weekend)
Oct 12.
Hydro will answer 100%,but I am nearly sure the first war starts Oct 12th.

HydroPLast Tuesday at 1:56 PM


1900 gmt

kk thx

War is at all times. Just middle of map attacks and opps are on a weekend time limmit

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