Player Skill Score/Rating

This is similar/same as this previous forum post by Airwing - but I didn’t want to perform necromancy on a 2.5 year old thread that didn’t go anywhere.

I had several ideas for this, some simple (like Airwing’s ideas) and some complicated (i.e. clan wars version)

  1. Simple Score: Average of EOR rank for empire in individual size, nw and fam size and nw, normalised by number of players in that round
  2. I.e. in the last 11 rounds I have played over the past 4 years, I have averaged 22nd in Size and 25th by nw, dividing each of these by the number of players in each of those rounds and inversing the percentage (1-rank/total-players), that gives Average Size Score of 44% and NW score of 37%, which gives a Player Skill Score of 41.
  3. TBO’s player score over the same time 35 rounds played, 54% average size, 40% NW, overall score of 47
  4. Orbit in the same time played 16 rounds, 66% average size, 61% average NW , overall score of 64
  5. Next Level Simple Score: connect empire to family and add in average family ranking in same way. Weightings can be added to favour one particular metric, but score will be average of Personal Size, Personal NW, Family Size and Family NW. Currently it is not easy to link Player to Empire to Family (see thread 4)
  6. Complicated Clan Wars formula:
  7. Was created to give scores to fams, but could be changed into player score as well by dividing the score by the number of family members (could be weighted based on time in fam)
  8. Score was gained by winning wars, and was calculated based on the relative strengths pre-war of the two families fighting. The stronger the defending family, the more points the attacking family could get. Points were (1000nw-defender/nw-attacker + 100 size-defender/size-attacker)*anti-farm factor (more planets you took, less score you earnt)
  9. Even more complicated Clan Wars formula (ELO rating)
  10. This was based on calculating ELO ratings of players summed together to get a family ELO, then use the ELO change calculation on each war `Elo(new) = ELO(old)+k*(S-E) where S = 1 or 0 depending on if you won or lost and E = your expected odds winning

I would like to use some version of the simple score to start with as that can be more easily determined. The Clan Wars scoring systems requires detailed data on when a “war” starts and when it ends, or even what is a “war”

I have created a google spreadsheet which I am working on, this scrapes data from Players profiles (i.e. my profile which gives individual rankings. Issues are that I don’t have a full list of all player’s or player ID’s so need to go find them manually, and profiles only show rankings for non-anonymous rounds; meaning that some data is missing. Also, this means only the simple score is calculable as well, as it isn’t easy to link a player to an empire. I am playing with scrapping rankings pages for rounds, then use that to link to family pages, then scraping the empires in that fam (at end of round) to find the player id. Then all can be linked back and find each player’s families rank as well. (albeit my coding ability is not that great, and I am hamstringing myself a bit by mostly doing this in a google sheet to try and visualise it a bit better)

Other issue is with the general foundation of the score, as the simple version is still rooted in the particularly thorny issue of EOR rankings, which still encourages with IS&L or FarmersRus play styles (but that is possible better discussed in the parent thread)