Honour Score

For this one I was thinking some nice and simple (and also why I was looking at google sheets to start with). If we had a way for any player to give or take away “Honour” then we can have a score of how honourable a player is. Sure this turns into a bit of a of a popularity competition, but in way calling people honourable or dishonourable is a bit like that anyway/.

I was looking at creating a google form/sheet to be linked off my round stats pages, so people could go and enter an empire and give an honour point (positive or negative), then I could show the running totals on the webpage somewhere.

This lead to the problem in the skill points thread, that I don’t have an easy access to player id’s from empire id (or even easy access to empire id in the galaxy), and in anonymous rounds 0 ability to link these together; and without ongoing connection, the honour score will mean nothing.


This is probably the least viable one to do simply because of the Anon play.

But also easiest to do if we can get around that issue… if it is done in-game then probably will be even easier… possibly don’t have to show anon rounds either since it would be an aggregate score anyway so would be hard to track people… other than TBO and Retorica :sweat_smile:

As a very basic start, I have created a google form for this and added it to my stats site so people can start there and we can sort out the rest later

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Great work!

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Mines 100 @You_Fool don’t need to check

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