Data needed for Player Skill and Honour Score Calculations

This is just a list of data I am trying to scrape off the site to put together my player skill and honour score system (as best I can do anyway). This is stuff I am finding hard to get in one place

  • List of current Player ID + registered names (for persistent scores over time)
  • List of current round empire ID’s, easily linked to fam #, empire name, NW and Size
  • Post-round empire ID for each Player ID for each round
  • Round data before June 2017 (MW 54)
    • This is probably lost to the mists of time… mostly just need total player numbers though so might use an value of 100 and see how it goes

If I have the player ID I can pull their history for all non-anonymous rounds, however I can’t easily link to a family ranking, so can only determine scores based on personal ranks. Also without a full list of player id’s I can’t find all player details. The latest anonymous rounds are also not included (everyone’s history basically stops at the end of April).

What I would like to have is the following

Galaxy Name Total Number of Empires Family Number Family Name Final Empire NW Rank Final Empire Size Rank Final Family NW Rank Final Family Size Rank Player ID Player Name Empire Name Empire ID