Player Score

EOR rank and size etc should matter more and if this gave each player a score and rounds played gave a score. this would rank a player. if this rank system was used when placing randoms. Like each fam has room for 1 “level 10” with a high score and 2 “level 8” with lower score etc… We should in theory see a more evenly distrubution of the players…

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That’s a good idea, but separate work from what is planned for the upcoming Post-start join distribution work.
If we can hash out the specific details for a player score here, we can add it to both pre-start and post-start join logic.

A player score would have wider value too, even just as a means for players to compete for the long term. :+1:

The details need to be hashed out though before we can get it on the #roadmap:to-do list.

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Great idea @Airwing Airwing, although for whatever reason there is no like button on the post. So…