Planet Secession

We’ve started to implement Planet Secession. Affected empires have their planets secede randomly, which become re-explorable.

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What causes a planet to secede?

The only factor for the moment is an optional per-galaxy planet cap, and right now Manthano 2 is the only galaxy where this is happening. While this feature was added specifically as a means to help us manage Manthano (instead of having to delete entire empires), we can now also use this as an option for any galaxy.

For example, we can now run new game types with low planet caps where huge size leads are impossible, which would reduce economic disparity. Such games would shift the competition more towards active military conflict than sitting on huge banks.

See the idea thread for more ideas for this feature going forward.

For questions and feedback on its existing use, feel free to reply here.


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Why is it random and not just the latest planets you explored above 99p? With this coming into effect instantly I lost heavy OB LQ planets in exchange for a couple empty expo’s I recently explored.

Getting LQ planets too 500% and up is not as easy as it looks :confused:

It’s meant to be a penalty against larger empires going over caps, and losing planets at random is more impactful than losing most recent explos. In your situation, losing those empties would have only cost you the money to explore them + the e-ships.

What you have now instead is far more challenging, partially for the reasons you describe. The difficulty you now face is intentional, and gives smaller empires below the cap a relative advantage.

Independent of infra, random losses also makes it impossible to anticipate where you’re going to lose planets. In Manthano, this means the newly explorable planets are evenly distributed to include those close to the home systems. This is better for the newbies in the galaxy as they don’t have to wait as long to grow.

this is only in manthano right?

and how often does it happen?

imagine exploring a planet and losing it next tick lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Somehow you make sense Pie :slight_smile: This feels like Civilization 4 all over again though! =P

I think we might see more cf bankers if this comes into play in mw. Also hope this will not be part of supernova