Planet Secession


Right now in Manthano, players are deleted after they reach 100 planets.

While we want to preserve the 100 planet cap, It would be a better experience if we could “release” planets from an empire after they pass 100. A random planet could secede from the empire, preserving its buildings and any stationed units, and be reclaimed by whoever sends an e-ship first.

We could also use this in other galaxies as a mechanism to counter-balance huge empires. Secession risk could include factors such as:

  • empire size
  • starvation rate
  • morale
  • overpopulation

This would be a galaxy option that we could disable, to preserve existing functionality where desired.


Planet Secession

Except for loosing infra there is hardly an benefit for other empires, these planets will probably still be out of reach of new empires due to secure cores.



Can you elaborate on that? Are you talking about official cores or systems with heavy presence of the original empire’s family?



Heavy presence. See my sn spread for example. Only a few locations I could actually loose.



Ah, I see.

Still, while you might not lose entire systems immediately, it does poke holes into your territory.
This could be exploited by other empires, especially rivals.

The effect of this can also compound depending on the rate of secession. For instance, if you don’t fix whatever the problem is, it could start to damage your strategy and that of your family/allies as well as more and more of your planets claim independence. What starts as a slow leak could cause even a huge empire to sink.

This would make the game increasingly difficult to play as your empire grows larger, which could shift the balance away from planet hoarding while also slightly favoring newbies as they are inherently smaller.

Big dogs could still climb the ladder, but staying on top would require more effort.



So as a leader I would instruct
No pop to lower impact
Equal distribution planets over bankers to lower chance of loosing planets
Small attacker within two ticks of every banker planet to secure any lost planets within two ticks.



Yep, it’s additional management overhead that impacts larger families more than smaller ones.

Not a bad thing imo.




The above statement is a complete sentence.