Econ galaxy

I love the new IC guys! Amazing job!!
I just rejoined IC after some time and ended up in the noob gal ( whatever it is called) .
I have noticed allot of experienced players try to push their limits in eco in this (noob galaxy), also i have noticed allot of new players join and never come back because they CANT DO SHIT in this galaxy.
Allot of players get 99 planets for not get deleted and try to get their eco as far as possible, but this means no planets are available for new players! ( maybe not all players try to get 99 planets to stop deletion, but you get my point)

I would like to suggest or see a galaxy for ECO only, so that we can get this noob galaxy free for new players ONLY.
If you want to get new players to get interested in this game you have to give them the possibililties to do so.

I just saw someone join my family while i was exploring and realised we lost a player since there were no planets left to explore.

Getting more players is our main goal guys :slight_smile:

Welcome back!

It sounds like an easy problem to fix…

The old players need to stay to help the newbies a little if needed, and the new players need a place to explore.

I think the best way to fix this, is to make the training gal bigger… why have a size limit on it, when nobody is attacking anyways?

Bigger the size, leaves more planets for everyone to play with IMO

New players can explore, old players can hang back and chill…

That sounds like a win win,

At the moment there are about ±15 planets left to explore.
Also the problem is, if new players join and have to wait +20 ticks till their new planets come in they might lose interest immediatly…
Times have changed, people wanted everything ASAP and if not possible yesterdsay!
Is it possible to keep unexplored planets around home system free for new players ? A max amount of planets per player maybe to keep free planets available for newcommers?

It should be an unspoken rule for old players to expo far away from home, or they will be the first perged… however that’s just my opinion.

I agree, manthano is a great idea but needs some brainstorming to make it more conducive to new players. Maybe even a simple boot (with links to other galaxies) after being in it for a certain amount of time?

People could rejoin after the boot if they are still learning, but would keep things clean.

I’m exploring the last couple of planets there with the idea I would get kicked from the galaxy when passing 99p, same with being the number 1 in NW so long?

But making the gal bigger and more dense with larger systems would be a quick fix for a new round?

When you do, give me my own fam please, instead of my current hostile takeover of kirikai’s fam :smiley: :slight_smile:

As an intermediate/less experienced player, I would be opposed to having a time limit in Manthano. I’m enjoying learning about how far I can push things, and a time limit would be counter-productive to that.

I would like to be able to trade planets, and I am willing to work with fewer planets to make room for n00bs looking to join.

@Geen I hear ya loud and clear. This actually happened before in Manthano 1 as well.

I just rolled out a new feature to help us better manage this. You can read the details here but the gist is that instead of having to boot people, impose time limits, or mess with the galaxy size, we can force random secession on players who go over the intended planet limit.

Better yet, we can adjust the limit on the fly too. We just freed up 278 planets (about 18% of the galaxy) to be re-explorable, but if that’s still not enough we can lower the limit even more.

Planets secede at random, so this should include planets close to home systems.