OP Count - Fixed

Last round Pie and I talked for quite some time to get MW-56 set up for max awesome.
An exploit that had to be repaired on the fly blunted some of the awesome.

The benefactor of the those two things was the morale based op system.
It allowed for far more ops than intended from a single player.

Proposed Solution: @Groot (Undeath) thank you for the help here!

1. All ops that change the game status of another player cost 10%.
2. All other ops cost 5%.
3. Total morale gain cap = 15%.

Structured op counts.
1.5 ops back a tick
Oppers needing 10 morale planets to get the max bonus.
Attackers having to take planets they dont want to get to 10 planets.

This isn’t perfect, but until the long term morale fix is settled - this smooths a lot of the rough edges.

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Not sure where this goes, Feedback is fine until I can figure it out.

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i like it


Why would a hypno or cpff cost the same as a pi or vision?


@Groot (Undeath) @Imperial_Conflict
This proposal shapes current morale limitation to fit something close to the original / intended op totals.
While having the bonus of letting oppers have 4 extra on the first tick.
Also affords serious oppers a chance to getting more back per tick if they can get the planets for it! :star_struck:

@Groot (Undeath)
Normally we have - 7 ops, and 1 back per tick.
No more.
No less.

@Groot (Undeath)
Pretty sure you are completely aware of this.

@Groot (Undeath)
Hard not to see that question as an attempt to incite a “Straw Man Argument”.

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Bonus Fun:

:rainbow: The m0ar you know! :rainbow:

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Just locking this message block incase you try to take this discussion off the rails.
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I asked a question, and I believe it to be a valid one. The increased potential in ops had finally brought about a chance to vary gameplay, which has been stagnant since IC started. It’s the abundance of morale planets that has ruined that.

While not stated in the game, attacking different planets has a varied value. Attacking a fat banker is going to cost an attacker next to no morale, as each individual attack isn’t actually worth much. Attacking another attacker’s portal is going to cost a good deal more morale as planet counts get closer. In this scenario, the value of an enemy attacker losing one of their 30-40 portalled planets is much higher than an enemy banker losing one of their 200-300 planets. So again, and I apologize that I needed to write in detail what I’m asking (I am legitimately interested in your opinion), but why would an op that only gathers intel (intel that frequently is null as soon as that tick ends) like pi, cost the same as an op like place nukes, hypnotize, cpff, etc. that can cause extensive long term damage?


@groot (Undeath)

In the most raw sense - I firmly agree!
There should be more ops than 7+1 :star_struck:

However, it is Labor day!
Jess is napping and I have a thing or two more I would like to post today that are affected by this topic.
If you would like to continue this conversation, I am quite keen to see what you would add once you have a chance to see meh whole evil plan.

Didn’t want to leave a ninja hangin’ just need some time to get back to this thread.

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Labour day sucks - if you don’t work then you still get the day off - the whole system is flawed


@Groot (Undeath)

All ops that change the game status of another player cost 10%.
All other ops cost 5%.

That do ya?

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