Lower number of morale bonus planets

We raised these awhile ago by request, but we’ve since found that it too strongly devalues them, and more easily lets larger families collect them.

I’m going to drop their frequency back to earlier levels.

Vote for this feature to raise its priority and get it done faster!

Ummmmm, I’m just guessing here, but didn’t it take you as long to type this out as it would’ve taken to change the line of code?

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Sure, but just changing a line of code and pushing it blind is a great way to break things. :slight_smile:

You also need to test/verify it, both on the local server and again on production, which isn’t such a quick thing.

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When you raised this, it was supposed to be coupled with:

  1. A flat op cost of 10% for “ops that affect the status of another player” coupled with 5% for the rest.
  2. An increase morale gainback to 20% max.

This was to:
A. Make morale planets waay more valuable, as oppers would have to have them to get more than 1 op per tick.
B. To cap the fact that a well jumped opper could can cast 30 storms in a single tick and end a players round.
C. Also to get that older “feel” of attacking morale. As in there would be “more” for the attackers with the gainback increase.

But all that happened was the % increase.


I have… 30 odd morale planets.

at this point we should just get 10 per tick and do away with them… lol

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@Darrk I can’t find anything in #roadmap:ideas about that. I remember some discussion and people making suggestions, but not any final decisions or agreement on my end. Was it something discussed in chat maybe?

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Yup, it was you and I in chat about 1.5 years ago, with a run by @Random during/before/after one of the radio shows and I think in our fam chat Rando called you a “spy” when you dropped in.

Only proof I have is that zeh next day you jumped the morale planet count. Then tbh - you got busy and I stopped bugging you about it.

Additional checking might be in your to do list thingy (the old one) and see if you can find the reason you raised the %. I would bet if there was any documenting would be in that.

I can check our old chat logs and see if some of it is in there.
Sadly do not have the server chat with Random, joo, and I.

Will look for ya.

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Thanks, that sounds very familiar. I found some threads you created too in #support:feedback below:

From what I can tell there this was up for discussion but never get onto any specific implementation plan. The timing on those looks like they also predated the newer voting system for ideas, which explains how they fall off the radar.

I’ll get those cleaned up and split into #roadmap:ideas threads.

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Anytime 'ole bird. :relaxed: