Configurable unit costs


The Revamp Attack Formula work is coming along, and we’ll need a practical way to test it before rolling it out for good.

I’m going to rework construct costs, including ETAs, to be configurable. The default will remain as it is.

This will:

  1. Make a test galaxy possible where everything is free and takes 1 tick to build.

    • Testers will be able to more easily test, break, and provide feedback for new changes.
  2. Give players more control over the pacing in their custom galaxies.

  3. Allow us to more easily adjust the main galaxies.

    • We can have more unique feeling standard galaxies that require and cater to different play styles.

Vote for this feature to raise its priority and get it done faster!

Configurable Unit Costs
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Configurable building costs
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Configurable build times

This has been completed, with a corresponding item added to #roadmap:to-do for Configurable building costs.

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