Unit Build Updates

The unit build page and handling has been updated. Most of the changes are under the hood to support the upcoming Configurable unit costs work, but we gained a few nice benefits as a byproduct.

Queue Info

You are now able to see your order-queue on the units page for each unit type, removing the need to bounce to and from the council page.





Build errors now happen without reloading the entire page, and the underlying code has been optimized to hit the database far less than it was doing before. Together, this means:

  1. Building units should feel much snappier.
  2. The game in general will be under less load.

There is more work to come, including improvements to building on planets.



Just saw that in game. Spiffy.

:star2::star2:Nice @I_like_pie Pie!:star2::star2:

Thank you!!