What hobbies are you into or explored


So we all just can’t play IC and work, should it be families to woodworking to gardening tell us about what’s your have explored in the past or what you have ad a passion outside of of and work life

Any musicians out there?

I can beat EVERYBODY at YU-GI-OH! :wink:


I’ve considered myself a musician all my life, but it’s always held a status of something more than a hobby in my mind. I enjoy writing science fiction (as yet unpublished, but I just started doing this seriously), vegetable gardening, home improvement, woodworking, and nature-related things.


I race and build gocarts…


I’m a music teacher and musician full time.
This year i started to take gaming more serious as i started a company to develop games.
I have a 250ish boardgame collection and as a designer my first game (is a card game) has just being signed to be published here in Brazil probaly this year :slight_smile:


Tell me more about it!


tell me more about your card game, thats totally my thing :wink:


@audiodef and @RedLink do either of you have any music online we can check out?

@Basso any pics of gocart builds? :slight_smile:

Awesome stuff!


I play rugby and I’m also the president from my rugby team. Besides rugby there’s not much spare time left but i do enjoy going to the gym and mountainbiking.


the name of the game is Sovereign (Soberano) and its a twisted deckbuilding game where 2 families are fighting for the throne and you are a small family trying to takeover using the power of both fams… its a simple game but so far people are enjoying!



Game of thrones meets coup?


I used to. I began rebuilding my site a while back and then life interfered. But I have a spoken word poetry composition I recorded with a friend that worked out really well. It’s on audiodef.com. When things settle down a bit (we’re prepping to make a big move to another state) I will hopefully have more time for my music.


Tabletop wargaming here! Mostly Star Wars Legion and Warhammer 40k


Between these boys… the 5 other I have, goats,chickens,ducks, dogs, cats, and three kids… I stay pretty busy.


this is me and my race carts in the process of putting the 3rd cart back together after stripping it down to the bare metal and repainting as well as putting all new nuts and bolts and Hardware in it…




my first race cart…


one im racing friday night…


Wow, Basso, that’s pretty cool!