What hobbies are you into or explored


agreed lol


Thats just Magic the Gathering for noobs


bet I could beat ya tho :wink:


Haha I bet you could :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I guess I’ll finally make my post lol, over the years of done just about everything, I have said and it shows in the many things iv gone between

I’m a gamer when I have time, consoles mostly, as it shows of done quiet a few custom controllers and consoles for people,

I’m a motor head, if worked on cars ever since I was pre teen at 21 I finished my first and only full resrotation and was a 73 Chevrolet el Camino 396 ss

I’m into small electronics of modded game systems, made ecigs and vapes, for people. And am always tinkering with electronics, right now I’m looking into trying out some arduno and raspberry pi things

I’m a prepper/survivalist I’m always looking at techniques and things to help should a situation arise. Any kind of life hacks ect, I recently moved but I was part of a lockpicking club and I own mostly everytool to pick looks from house to safes to cars, the only thing I don’t have is a microchipped reprogrammer and keyless ignition override.

My big hobby I haven’t partaken in in awhile as I have moved around a bit and am getting setup in new house as of now is the aquarium hobby it’s more of a passion, I have 2 x100g tanks 4x 55g and I think around 10 to 15x 10 and 20 tanks, in storage. I keep mostly cichlid from lake Malawi in Africa, mostly of the mbuna type but I do enjoy peacocks as Well


How do I play your game? Want to test it out!

Considering all you guys hobbies, I have none, but walking the 2 dogs morning and evening.

And work, which is 10-12h/day and also my hobby… global macro markets.


hummm its a deckbuilding game… so its more like dominion with race for the galaxy as its a race for points in a deckbuilding sytem to use known games :slight_smile: it has no intensive bluff mechanics like coup


whenever u want my friend. so far i have only the prototype version as the editor has not made a final version yet :slight_smile: but i go everywhere with him in my backpack


I will ping you on Discord


is that a strategist for a bank or governement administration?


Used to work for bank, now run own investment firm.


Ah, so that explains your interest in our market!


:relieved: well… market is useful to better allocate resources among participants. Now, with 10% bid-cancelling fees, (more than 20ticks worrh of decay) and crashing resource prices… its hard to withdraw bids to just build lots of stuff with these resources (LQ/TOs to produce cash to buy resources at such low prices!)


i have a new fish tank im setting up is a small 20g tank and am going to be doing a community tank of tetras and shrimp i think with some live plant will be posting some new pics very soon


Fishing fishing o and more fishing. More of a fresh water guy but I do deep sea fishing add well


Cars, cars, movies, tv series, sex, dance and social media/internet (in a way how to manupilate it, whats new and so on), design, branding.


I read “What hobbitses are you into or explored”.


I read the brail on Orion’s body!


I’ma game freak! I love games and play them as much as I can.