What happened to the Family forums?

i haven’t played in about 10 years, i noticed there are no family forums anymore? How are the family’s supposed to communicate internally unless they use discord? bit of a barrier to entry as some people wont want to use discord etc.

Or am i being dense and i just cant see it?


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We lost them in the forum transition. It was an unfortunate but necessary tradeoff for security.

There is a thread here that can be voted on to prioritize bring them back. Votes influence our dev priorities, so feel free to vote on that one if you’d like.

Discord is the new norm …

There was a time when forums and discord were both in play at the same time, but nobody was using the forums as anything you can do in a forum you can do in Discord.

Discord is much easier and most people aren’t willing to post things twice in both Discord and the forums… so even if forums were still in play there will be a lot of things you will miss by not being in the discord server.

Frankly if family forums are brought back, I wouldn’t use them.

i miss a place to post infils :stuck_out_tongue:

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i would use fam forum and its a shame there is none. fam forum and alliances were the thing i liked most about IC and both are gone!!!

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.txt file in discord :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yea you might think that now until you have to post everything you say in discord into the family forums for those who don’t use discord.

right now i am using the leader message for that, spamming my poor fam members, not sure they even read it lol

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harsh, its a major barrier to entry for any new players who want to play casually. without anyway to communicate with the rest of the family or get involved in whats going on only the most hardcore of fans will play this game. :frowning: I remember when the hardcore players all hung out in IRC and then then the casual ones got communicated to via the family forums. good times

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Casual gamers can download discord, or be communicated with in game messages. Most gamers nowadays already have discord… I have yet to have an active family member that I couldn’t get to join Discord.

I think they’re both needed tbh. Just as these forums are useful in their own right alongside our general chat.

There’s no reason we can’t have both for families too, it’s just a matter of prioritizing, like everything else.

true. but that relies on people being online at the same time? Forum was a good way to share a wider message to all members that could be read and responded to at their own leisure.

The family i ended up in i have messaged all members, and found out that they are all pretty much doing their own thing as no easy way to discuss without a lot of coordination of people you have never met before, on different time scales, in different parts of the world :smiley: anyway we will see what happens.

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I remember the leaders forum

OMG, I had forgotten all about the Leaders Forum.


Oh lol indeed

(temporarily) Replacing Fam Forums with Fam Chat

Announcements Changelog


Oct '17

ANNIVERSARY SOON?! wouldnt it be great to have back our fam forums OcT´18 ?? :slight_smile:

They are greatly missed.
I recall when a new round started we had topic posts for everything all planned out.
Now it’s lost in a chat thread.

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yeah I feel they would be good to bring back, or new private channels on discord for individual families - expos - attacking - aid - strats - etc.

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Bad hyperlink now. Guessing that personal website is no longer active.