Family Forums

They were disabled awhile back, but will make a return at some point.

@all vote for famforum or get nuked

how do i vote!!

click on “vote” in top left (5 votes are there right now)

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How do I down vote? :smiley:

upper left corner… sutch a n00b

I don’t see where I can DOWN vote though lol

i withdraw my comment, and proclaim myself as the n00b for lack of reading ability

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@Picklearmy why do you want to down vote?

How do I get nuked?

u in MW? fam and name pls

well that was easy


22 votes makes it top priority now, no?


23, seems to be most votes ever recorded.

oh oh 26 :slight_smile: i should have gone into politics for the next potus

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Who would ever want that kind of pain. :grimacing:

glad i was able to shake things up! :smiley: