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Evolution (6)
Limiting non-evolution race changes (1)
New empires have to wait to use the market (4)
Change Empire Settings (2)
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Update: Empire Deletion Restored (15)
Mobile quick nav missing from spells/ops pages (1)
Update: Fam forum nav link grouping (2)
Feature: Marked Enemy Planets (3)
Update: Battle Rewrite! (4)
Feature: Family Topics in Game Interface (2)
Feature: Family Forums are back! (2)
Feature: Family Groups in Forum (8)
Update: Inactives removed if starting resources are unused (8)
Update: Forum Server Upgrade and Fallback (1)
Feature: 2 NAP Limit (12)
Update: Abolishing Permanent NAPs (8)
Feature: Messaging Revocation (7)
Planet Secession (6)
Update: Tick Update Page (2)
Update: Underscores in Names (7)
Update: Disabled Toplists (6)
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Bugfix: Family not showing all members (4)
Feature: Empire Migration (2)