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About the Changelog category (1)
Update: New Rankings View (8)
Update: Empire Deletion Restored (15)
Feature: Change Empire Settings (1)
Bugfix: mobile quick nav missing from spells/ops pages (1)
Update: Fam forum nav link grouping (2)
Feature: Marked Enemy Planets (3)
Update: Battle Rewrite! (4)
Feature: Family Topics in Game Interface (2)
Feature: Family Forums are back! (2)
Feature: Family Groups in Forum (8)
Update: Inactives removed if starting resources are unused (8)
Update: Forum Server Upgrade and Fallback (1)
Feature: 2 NAP Limit (12)
Update: Abolishing Permanent NAPs (8)
Feature: Messaging Revocation (7)
Feature: Planet Secession (6)
Update: Tick Update Page (2)
Update: Underscores in Names (7)
Update: Disabled Toplists (6)
Feature: Limited map (3)
Bugfix: Family not showing all members (4)
Feature: Empire Migration (2)
Bugfix: missing icons (2)
Emergency MW61 Morale Update (9)
Added Family Council (3)
Interactive Tip Tours (1)
(temporarily) Replacing Fam Forums with Fam Chat (1)
Replacing Hot List with Bookmarks (1)
Fam page adjustment (3)