Remove Income Rakings/top list

This feature kills some of the strategic part of infra and its basicly free Intel.

should be removed, and let fams/players decided for themselfs when to increase iron or gc production and not becouse of falling down or off the rankings.



Yes, remove.

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just Jealous your not #1 :smiley:

remove! or show all

Make available such ranking only at round end.


to pad your ego? :smiley:

My stats would show I produced zero RP, gc, iron, endu, octa and food. Didnt have any buildings whatsoever :nerd_face::joy:

You’ve got my vote!

agreed, either needs to show all fams or just remove it

Remove it with ranks on it at EOR

can we remove it this coming round pls???

still time to remove it before sor!!!


This is done. I’m closing this thread to release your votes, but feel free to continue any relevant discussion in the thread below.