Configurable Toplists

They have been disabled game-wide, but we do eventually want to bring them back for the following scenarios:

  1. As a galaxy setting
  2. For all galaxies, but only after EoR

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A good idea would be to make mw more old school without top lists and map features like ultimate is now and then maybe bring back pinwheel and give it top list and map features.

One galaxy would feel a bit more tough then the other but both would be fun in the own aspects and challanging. Players would also be able to see and compare what they like and dont like about the features.

My main suggestion would to be not allow mapgen again if map features are removed in any galaxy. Mapgen was essentially a 3rd party feature that if done right your features do almost the same thing.

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The Map in Ultimate is giving me the best game experience i’w had in YEARS! Its hardcore, but killing somone off is realy hard, as there is no option to plot their plist in the map. I have restored my faith in IC!

If mw could get the same map, ill play mw also!

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That’s why I suggest the above. It would be best of both worlds and make many happy. @I_like_pie I truly hope you highly consider this I assume it would also bring up your patron members to play both mw and pw

still u vote against it? :stuck_out_tongue:

For the current round that is started yes