Poll for Andro SoR Bug

A recent bug resulted in lost buildlings/units for several players. Our options are:

  • Keep it as it is (same fams, same map, bug effects)
  • Restart in a week (different fams, different map, no bug effects, time for planning, very short round)
  • Restart in about 24 hours (different fams, different map, no bug effects, no time for planning, normal-ish timed round)

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Poll will close in 24 hours.

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Restart - different map, no bug effects, no time for planning, BUT with 5 draft spots. Scouts honour we draft the same fams as good as we can.

The drafts really just being a substitute for the Pie/Soul not having to place people. This also offsets the loss of people not having prep time, since start strat etc doesn’t have to be redone.

Wow surprised everyone voted the same way. My understanding is some players did lose stuff. I never liked the happened to everyone equally bit. Most fair thing is a restart.

Can we not have an option of reset with the same family? Plus the 1 week delay is just a silly option no one will want lol

I know in theory that sounds fine ,but with time zones and such and the first player will have to random in. It will get messed up because of people random in to one of the fams trying to pull that off.

Yes. That’s what Lee suggested on Discord and I stole his idea and posted above :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
5 draft spots and then we solemnly swear not to draft other people

Or pie just hand places players

We’re with 40 people. I’m sure we can manage without fucking it up. If Pie would tell me how to place people I’d do it for everyone, but I guess that’s not going to happen.

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I agree, we need to just replace the fams as they are so that it mitigates the start planning stuff.

So Pie opens the Galaxy just for the current fam leaders. The one by one those fam leaders draft in their players. Then anyone who didn’t join can random.

If resetting with current fam is not an option, I vote for continue as is - including bug.


Me too. If its fixed, it happened early enough for it not to be too disastrous for fams

Restart 24hrs

Not gonna lie, all three of these options suck. I know of more than 1 player that came back this round to play with certain people, and now they will be forced to play a messed up round, play with people they dont want to, or just leave entirely.

Why can there not just be a roll back to off set everything?

Or a reset with same fams? I understand its a pain to place people, but we are literally talking 40 people, and its probably less with inactives.


Is what it is, GG kids

Agreed just rollback if anything

We’re well aware that all the options suck. I’m not “picking” these options, they are the options that are available.

The most recent backup is from last week so there is nothing for this round to roll back to.

I won’t have time to place families members. While it is “only” 40 people I barely have time to do what I’m doing now, let alone manually place even a single player.

These are the options, please pick which one is the least bad.


So this once again painfully points out the huge dependency for basically everything this game has on you personally. I guess apart from trying to automate stuff, it might be worthwile to have someone who actually does have time, to become your second man and could manage things like this.

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Is there a way to make them less suck? Haha
What about just an old school roll back

I agree with Hala. I know things are bad IRL for @I_like_pie and I am sorry about that - hope all resolves soon. But we play this game and, while we don’t have a god-given right to play this game… we do kinda deserve the best options for us as players.

We appreciate you keeping the game open for us while you deal with stuff but if one of my PS games isn’t working like it should, I stop playing… not just get on with it. Forgive me but your attitude towards barely having time to sort things out to the point where we want things such as players to just be put back where we currently are feels a little sour to me.

I am trying to write this without coming across as disrespectful or ungrateful but at the same time, as a community we should be able to expect a certain level of performance and setup. Like, why couldn’t the freelance dev manage this kind of thing and the players who want to step up can manage it with them directly? It feels a bit like “right things have gone a bit shit for me IRL so, those lot can just take all of this and like it for all I care”.

Again, I really don’t mean disrespect I am trying to get this across in the best wy possible whilst portraying my thoughts and feelings.