Dev Update for February 2021

IC’s development is halted for the time being.

My dog recently got diagnosed with cancer and I am changing where I spend my time.

I will not be working on IC and have ended our contract with our developer-for-hire as I will also no longer be able to oversee that arrangement. IC’s open-source repo has been closed, and all dev plans as of now are on hold.

Although I’ve stepped away from the community before for breaks, this is the first time since I came on 4 years ago that we’re suspending development entirely, so I want to set clear expectations for the near term.

IC will continue to run “as-is”. It is not going offline but there will be no further development in the immediate future. I will reassess in March but cannot guarantee any specific timeline.

I highly recommend checking out a conversation @You_Fool started last month about the players taking game balance into their own hands. This is especially relevant now as it is not a matter of what might work “in theory”, but rather this is currently the only viable option to some of those issues discussed.

Our support email is still open and I will still be in contact with @Soull, but outside of that there will be no changes to the game until further notice.

Thanks for understanding.


Sorry to hear about your doggy. Enjoy your time with them.


As long as it isn’t going offline I’m fine with it. Sorry for your dogs diagnosis!


Take care Pie! I hope everything works out


Take care, even for you real life comes first.

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Sorry to hear about the pooch…real life is way more important… thank you for all you do …
-Tempest fugis momentous mori
Time flies remember death


Thanks for keeping the game running and maintaining it! Take it easy.