Playground Galaxy Role voting

Lets get this thing started

  • I want to play as a regular player
  • I want to be a captain

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Think we are shooting for a minimum of 4 captains ie 4 families. More the better

See Milky Way 57 Old-school setup! for more details

Cool! I’m in :slight_smile:
Voted as player now, willing to be captain if required (and people are willing/happy to be part of my team :stuck_out_tongue:)

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I’m in this game used to be all forums most people used family chat and that was it and that’s if they used that some just used in game messages some didn’t even like to do that the chat really killed the game a few chatters teamed up and ran off all the real players back in the day … Anyways I’m in as player I can also be leader
But nobody ever listens anyway which is why I go partners or solo 90% of the time

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The king is willing to be a captain


Regular dude

Ok thank you for taking the time to vote, we got our 4 captains.


Next step is drafting

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Let’s do it

Do we want to mirror Milky Way 57 Draft Thread

Will leave poll open until pie arranges the drafting.

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Thank you @Soull for keeping this moving, and everybody for signing up. :+1:

The drafting has begun: