Milky Way 57 Old-school setup!

EDIT: changed to minimum 4 (keeping the playground style)

Hello people of the internet!

This may seem a little early but it makes sense to post now to give you enough time to get ready for voting.

Do you remember the days of big fams? I sure as hell don’t.
The next Milky Way (57) will be split into two larger families as oppose to the larger number of families that have fewer members in.
To keep things balanced, we have decided that we want to set up teams in a playground style. This means that we will vote for two captains/leaders (deadlines later in the text).
The votes will be based on a poll. To be added to the poll, just type “me” or something along those lines in the reply section below. The players with the most likes by the deadline (refer to the bottom of this post) will be added to the poll.

The two captains/leaders will choose one by one who they take on their team. This means that both teams will be roughly the same skill level.

Once teams have been decided, the galaxy will be open to the public and both teams will then get an arbitrary set of whomever joins after initial creation.


  • 5 days from this post will be closing date for application (saying “me” in reply below). Posting early may give you more of a chance to be picked.
  • If there is more than 2 people that are popular then there will be another thread with a poll (more fair than top 2 because it allows for more specific voting).
  • A day after closing, we will be deciding who to put into a poll (at our choosing but mainly your votes).
  • 4 days later we will let the leaders pick teams. Once finished, we wait for it to be set up.
  • MW57 will start once this process is over and MW56 has finished.

Why not. I’m in. Just not a “captain” :wink:


Cool setup! Could be fun to nominate people as well. Might convince them to be captain.

I nominate leaders of top 2 fams in MW:
1: cloud
2: pickle army

Running a 9 player fam seems to work fine for them.


will it be fun with only 2 fams in a gal? :confused: In any case im up for it, just not the leading part :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol, I was actually thinking the exact opposite for MW next round … Much larger map, double the fam #'s. But 1v1 could be interesting.


You can have the larger map but we are trying to cut back on fams having inactives - at least with the 1v1 there will always be that initial 50/50 split of people that will be active. And then the rest of the people will have their actives and inactives but ultimately 2 big fams will not leave one fam in the dust

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I except one fam ends up as dust :slight_smile:


Not at all, that would only be an issue if you have a terrible leader. Look at how many active people we have, half it - that is basically the team you are looking at, only turn to dust if you are 100% shitty custom vs a versatile team

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I will start and say “me”… It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it!


To be honest… I don’t like this at all… you are guaranteed to be put in the same fam as someone you cannot stand. Organizing a giant fam of 30 players is near impossible… unless family exploring is fixed it will be a huge nightmare …

I think a better set up is having 4 fams on each side and allied together… that way it is easier to control and less confusing.


Part of the challenge with any fam is to make it work imho.
Vice Leaders probably become more important to coordinate fam.



One fam will blow the other fam away, it won’t even be close.
You will have 3 weeks of really boring play.
What seems to be missing is continuity, teams are formed over rounds, not a round. No one just ever showed up and won MW (back then).

If the goal is to make it more of an 'ole school feel to it, you really need about 4 or 5 leaders to make it work, and let them draft teams of players they want to work with. The random factor we are dealing with is very high right now.

Ask the players you would like to act as team captains if they are willing to commit to a full round of leading. Just because person “A” doesn’t like to play with person “B” perfect you want those guys on opposing teams.
Back then, any VIP (10$ a round) could draft people boop right into their family. Hell I used to buy people in my fam VIPs, just so I could play with people I met on the map who fought well.

We have some very classic styled players in uni right now, so perhaps with Pie being 100% against pay to win (all for that as well) if we are allowed to draft teams (I think he would be down for that) we would be good to go!

I would suggest the following players as potential leaders:

Pie (if he would play)
Pickle - His fam setup is eerily Muncher esq.
ICD - Very PP like, with a nice dash of Borg - lol its well… “ICD like”. :slight_smile:
ModNaR - Very Armada like.
Dron3s/TBO/Mint - Either of these three would be great.
Darrk - I have seen most everyone play now, you guys won’t believe who I would pick. :slight_smile: There are plenty of people that think I am an utter asshole, which is fine - in game that’s close enough of a description as any. However for the right players I am ideal to play under.

^ It is this kind of diversity we are missing in uni. ^

As far as new players coming in - you really can’t train someone in a 6 week round, but if you have a chunk of players sticking together and refining their strats as a team, new people are treated so much better.

Let me know what you think, we could have a live draft in #ic_radio from a full pool of players that want to be drafted.

Also, map position should not be random.


You want 4-5 leaders… right now I’m the only person to go as Captain now, hopefully if it went that direction… Someone else would step up


If I can pick a team of unusual players?
Sign me up right now! :slight_smile:

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Well - I just posted it because nobody else would - it was meant as an open discussion but the wall of text that I had to rewrite into my own words was very this will happen then this. It was effectively a rushed idea

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Also to be fair, I did say 3 fams in my initial proposal

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Ahh, 4 minimum would be a good start (Factoring in uni player count, uni size, and activity levels).

5 would be ideal mehtinks.

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Nice one haha.

I’m all for this, and excited to see it happen. I think the signup process could use a little clarity though. I added some simplified/updated instructions below:


This doesn’t work. One of 2 things will happen.

  1. One family will run away with it from the start, discouraging enough people in the other family to keep them from having any kind of chance.
  2. Both families will agree to not fight at all until EOR, and there will be a month of doing nothing accept prepping for one final war (which won’t end up being competitive, because too many people will lose interest)

Good thing we have other galaxies. :wink: If this works, great. If it doesn’t, players can still play elsewhere.

Can’t find out without trying. :slight_smile: