Andromeda 39 Playground Draft

It’s on! :muscle:

We have 4 captains.

The draft will happen via this thread, and once it is over, the initial teams will be set. Once the galaxy itself is created, the teams will be added, and afterward additional spots will be added for random joins.

Our Captains

  1. @Swagga
  2. @Blue1
  3. @Zanharim
  4. @kingray

The list above has been randomized to determine draft order. That means @Swagga, you pick first.

This is a “snake draft”, so @kingray when it’s your turn, you will pick twice and then it will go in reverse order, then @Swagga picks twice, like so:

  1. @Swagga
  2. @Blue1
  3. @Zanharim
  4. @kingray
  5. @kingray
  6. @Zanharim
  7. @Blue1
  8. @Swagga
  9. @Swagga
  10. @Blue1

And so on. The list below will be edited and updated as we go:

Team @Swagga

  1. @Swagga
  2. @MEMEGA
  3. @MaceWindex
  4. @The_Dr
  5. @Voices
  6. @Arimanus
  7. @Bradys

Team @blue1

  1. @Blue1
  2. @Lord_Pickle
  3. @Luker8969
  4. @Dronze
  5. @TheBigOne
  6. @Tishxo
  7. @Xenon1122

Team @Zanharim

  1. @Zanharim
  2. @OrBit
  3. @Aeonflux
  4. @Funeral
  5. @Rawrr
  6. @Manos
  7. @MTG_Dad

Team @kingray

  1. @kingray
  2. @Hala
  3. @Ordos234
  4. @Cxris
  5. @Kratom
  6. @Acitorer
  7. @WhiteSavage

If you are a Captain:

If you’re not sure who’s who in-game, simply ask them in the forum publicly here or privately via PM.

To make a pick, you must @ mention the player by the name in the draft pool at the bottom of this post. Nicknames or known empire names won’t count. For example:

My pick, for some reason, is @I_like_pie.

If a captain is taking significantly longer than the others, they may possibly have a draft picked at random for them.

We will of course take timezone differences into account. This is just to give us an option in case somebody has an issue making their pick for some reason.

If you are a Draftee:


  • Post here your known empire names in case your forum name isn’t what you’re known by in-game.
  • Talk yourself up! Even just posting here saying you’re ready to have fun will show your enthusiasm and activity.


  • Talk trash other players. This isn’t the place to do it.

It begins!

@Swagga, your move!

Randomized draft pool is below:

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Ok cheers I’m on the list I won’t quit :ok_hand:pick me

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Can we do trades?

The_Dr or RA and not pitbull
No talking up, Im just me, like attacking but happy to play any role
Dont care who I play with, I will do my best till the bitter end, in a top fam or even a bottom fam, being farmed wont make me inactive!!!



After the list is complete we’ll discuss our options there. We definitely want to encourage a balanced start.

Great! Hurry up @Swagga @Blue1 @Zanharim

I am available as well

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Hopefully I get the Dr he seems easy to play with

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Ok let me know when it’s my turn cause obviously it take forever to draft people. @I_like_pie is there a time limit on how long it take to draft people?

@kingray - you could just try to get all 4 captains in a Discord channel and do this in 10 minutes.

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That makes a pretty huge assumption that everybody’s online at the same time. We also need to verify the draft order.

Plus, forum accounts are linked to game accounts, which is why we do it here. Otherwise, staff will have to spend time trying to chase down and verify individual name -> empire mappings.

Just be patient please. The process is already set, trying to change how we do this after we start is only going to cause it to take longer.


I draft pick @MEMEGA


I pick @Lord_Pickle

My pick, for some reason, is @OrBit.

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My first pick is @Hala

My second pick is @Ordos234


My pick, for some reason, is @Aeonflux.

Question can we kill people off this round I say yes except intrafamily

@Luker8969 I chose you

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I pick @MaceWindex & @The_Dr