Player History Fixed + Changes

Your profile page has been updated:

  1. Default avatars were broken. You can set them again here:

  2. Your post-2016 history has been attached to your profile.

  3. Icons now show for #1 rankings, finishing a round, and deleting. Examples are below

Finish and NW Win Example

@Rookie for finishing and winning #1 NW in #milky-way-68:

Finish and Size Win Example

@Shumi for finishing and winning #1 Size in #milky-way-68:

Deletion Example

Deletions look like this:


This is a small update to hold us over while we work on an entirely new profile page. The most important thing here was getting the ranking data up to date.

Access Your Profile

You can access your profile via new link here:

This will redirect you to your public profile page.



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Did you forget to code king of the Hill winner trophies?


Maybe :eyes:

Try now. :slight_smile:

now we just gotta be able to consume our old accounts data when we find em :stuck_out_tongue:


My 2nd trophy looks so pretty now😂

Would it be a lot of work to make 2nd place silver and 3rd bronze?

Just curious it would brighten up my profile more :joy:

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What about the ICPG tournament, played in Pegasus, moons ago now.

Good idea!

Is ther a way of locating old accounts or empire names?

I played way before 2016, I first remember playing when I was still at school which is nearly 20 years ago now but the account I am currently using is only from 2016.

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take by the silence no-one knows :frowning:

The answer is MAYBE. If you know the old account name, or email, then @I_like_pie might be able to locate it. However, if you deleted the account back in the day, it may very well be lost for all time.

If someone wanted to code a script to go through all the old account ID #s then that would be awesome. Beyond my skill set though.

What is conquered the hill mean?

See this topic for King of the Hill. (I once had the same question.)

Yeh king of the kill was a custom galaxy tourney where a group of families had to try conquer the hill. I was the leader along with mark who won the KoTH.

How come I got a trophy for that. But not for winning the ICPG in Pegasus @I_like_pie

@rizz @Terror_of_the_Night part of the galaxy was setup like a capture point. You had to control the planets for a set amount of time.