Forum profile links jump to bottom of page


Use to be when we click the icon or avatar of the player it use to take us to there info page etc. Now when I click the avatar of a player or even mine for that matter, all that happens is the page drops down to the very bottom of the same thread.

Bug for me or is that for everyone now?


I mean discourse profile pie @I_like_pie

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Looks like a mobile bug, thanks for reporting it. I’ll see what I can find.

Thanks pie. Ya use to be if I click ur avatar I get a summary of u and ur public info etc.

Now it jumps down to the threads below

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Working fine on my iPhone and iPad.

@I_like_pie still the same. Might be an issue with my phone?

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What part isn’t showing for you?

I checked and you have the #1 ranking trophies as you should ;).

Loll no mate thats not what I mean

Use to be on discourse the forums like this. When I click ur name or avatar for example it would take me to ur info. Likes, name Etc etc.

Now when I click ur name. The browser scrolls down to the bottom of the thread and that’s all.

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Ah yeah that isn’t fixed yet. Still troubleshooting.

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Should be fixed now. :+1: Thanks.

Browser specific issue as it is working fine within Safari on Mac OS and iOS.

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Checked myself now also…

Sure looks pretty :slight_smile:

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