Open up two galaxies in rotation, kill infini

  • Infinitum, hence the name, should stay as is.
  • Set date, declare winner and end it.

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And add pinwheel back /ss/hardcore/100%drafts/no drafts galaxies at fixed rotation so there is allways two galaxies(mw+random).

So in basics a galaxy start and after 3 weeks, or middle of round, another starts. Keep this rotation.

Even if this is gona make only 3 people join a galaxy at least there is the option of a new round.
Dont argue or give reasons it wont work, just put it in effect and see what happens, no cost, no loss.

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One year refresh isn’t a bad idea…

It just recently got sooo boring I stopped logging in for weeks.

I know others are the same.

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It was fun idea but the market and moral killed it… if there were no market or moral you would enda up with 1 player owning IT all.

That would be epic!!!

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I want to say that the post was ment to adress the issue that I dont have anywhere to go, no new people i can meet in this game because there is no galaxies open.
The fact that most poeple cant consentrate on more than 1 galaxy is probably correct, but shouldnt stop the game from having more galaxies running.
I know people are having fun in infini and that should porbably be factored in.

Was something that was discussed a while back…
Similar idea here.

Rotating Galaxies

Whats the hold up then? Implement costs NOTHING. The server is allready powered on and online. :stuck_out_tongue:

Additionaly shortening the rounds and making smaller maps would probably help aswell.

I like infini, I do admit that I am waiting for a renewal of CW :wink:


Infinitum, as designed, isn’t going anywhere. It did just receive a shake up though with Infinitum Update 2020.1.

We can however still open more galaxies, but we need more players before it we can do it without negatively impacting current competition:

As for this:

MW suffered because we ran too many new galaxies last year. There is always a cost, even if it isn’t financial, and there is always a risk of loss.

To mitigate both, we can add another galaxy once we hit that 100 EoR mark in MW.

The concern is a valid one with regard to having somewhere to go, especially for new players. Infinitum is being adjusted to better serve that purpose, but in the meantime we can’t repeat our past mistakes.

More galaxies isn’t always better. It can be, but it isn’t right now.

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But there is a huge difference in play and Fun when you have An SS gal in stead of a family based gal like MW…


For some, yes. However, not everybody prefers that either, and some players leaving MW en masse or burning out by playing more galaxies isn’t good for the game.

This isn’t a theory, prematurely giving people what they asked for negatively impacted our player count last year and we are still recovering.

It’s not a “no” though, it’s a “not yet”.

Have you invited anybody lately?

I invite alot… but doesnt Mean they accept

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Then let’s talk in #roadmap:brainstorming about what can be done to make invites more appealing.