Infinitum Update 2020.1

The following changes have taken place in #infinitum.

Galactic Event: Cataclysm

:new: Galactic Event: Cataclysm

A storm of unprecedented magnitude has destroyed entire civilizations across the galaxy. No family or empire was too big or too small; the universe’s wrath does not discriminate.

20% of all planets in #infinitum have been effected at random, and are now explorable.

Galaxy Setting: Expansion

:new: Galaxy Setting: Expansion

A new galaxy setting changes the rules of exploration. When active, you can explore freely within a system until you have presence there, at which point you must take additional planets by force.



These population changes are also game-wide.

:new: Population Income Increase

Population income has increased from:

Gold production from population = (empire_population / 30) + 100


Gold production from population = (empire_population / 25) + 100

:new: Population Growth Rate Increase

Per-tick population growth rate has increased from .05 to .06.


3 Additional Evolutions

All empires in #infinitum have received an additional 3 evolutions (race change options).

These changes are effective immediately.

Haven’t joined Infinitum?

Now’s as good a time as ever. Join the endless battle and assert your domination!

Will there be delete resets for those of us that quit after being run into the ground?

Will the empires that went inactive from the start (i.e. 1250 nw) be removed?


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@Daffy deletes have been reset for Infitum, players can rejoin again. Deleting has also been disabled; players can no longer delete from Infinitum.

Inactives will remain for now, but we’ll look at handling that after the next release.

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until they reset the gal and make it really ss - i.e no market or a fixed price market where you buy and sell at a fixed market price not buying other players items (to stop the cheaters aiding each other) then all this gal will be is a graveyard and cheaters paradise.

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The Galactic Event: Cataclysm shaked things up again, thanks Pie!