Rotating Galaxies!


So I was talking with Pie and I suggested to him the idea of rotating Galaxies. I wanted to know how everyone else would feel about this.

The idea is that Imperial Conflict right now is just Milky way, Milky way, Milky way and not much of anything else. With Infinitum coming out it was like a nice refresh or rather a break from MW. So I asked him, if there was a big enough demand from players would he be willing to rotate between galaxies or maybe allow a player to put up the money to run a galaxy that we can rotate between.

So I’m asking you guys what do you think?

An example of this would be instead of running the galaxy alongside MW we would give MW a break entirely, this would allow players who don’t really like MW and its sturcture or want a break from MW get that by putting in a galaxy with a different structure and it may also bring some players back. I noticed that with the launch of Infinitum lots of older players came back and even some other players who took a break from MW is in Infinitum right now.

I also feel this will give Pie more time between the Mother round (MW) to implement new ideas into the game and we don’t have to worry about him trying to crunch everything through in a week.

Example: June MW xx then July Pinwheel xx then August MW xy and September PW xy

Sorry, it’s long I know.



what would the break round be a SS galaxy?

If that would be the case I would just be sitting out the SS galaxy every month

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@hoit there is no definite right now, just trying to get an idea of what everyone thinks. Personally I’d like it to be Pinwheel…but it’s really about what the community wants. It doesn’t have to be PW or an SS round.



OK explain the differences between a Pinwheel round and a Milky Way round?



Isn’t MW and PW exactly the same thing now?

The only difference as far as I can remember was the players who played in them.

Maybe the starting Res, but that has changed now anyway

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@hoit @Luker8969 I just gave the PW example to get people talking. The idea is to have a galaxy different from MW and PW doesn’t have to be the same as we remember it can be changed.

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It would allow for variety. For example, a two-week hardcore galaxy could be played, or a weekend one with much quicker ticks. With Infinitum ongoing, having a longer break between regular galaxies and a rotation of game types is not a bad idea. You all do need to get out of the rocking chairs and try something new. That way you’ll learn new appreciation for MW.

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For the record, I do like the idea.

I have only been back 2 rounds of MW, both times my fam is dead by mid round, which shows some of the problem anyway.

Maybe a rotation of the kind of family structure too?
1 round 10 fams x 6 players
Next round 4 fams x 15 players

Throw in some HC short rounds and what not, could be good.

But I do think that MW needs to be closed while the other is running, or participation will be very low.



What you are describing @kingray are what I believe @I_like_pie would call “custom galaxies” he always encourages Patreons to build new Galas!

@Lord_Pickle Ran “Terra” for a few rounds. That got some play.

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In theory yes, but something more official from pie himself. @Darrk



Problem with custome galaxies they run in addition to MW, they need to be separate with the current player pool as otherwise numbers just dont add up



Considering the fact that in 3 months we have more awesome changes to the game than we have had in 15 years my guess is that PieFoo has his hands full.

I would suggest getting with some of the more creative players you know and come up with an idea for a galaxy that everyone seems interested in and have a patreon start it! :slight_smile:

A few suggestions off the top of my head.

  1. Short rounds.
  2. Faster tick speeds on the weekends.
  3. Limited players per fam.
  4. Distinctive map features.
  5. Most importantly - do not go head to head with MW start times.

Just a few thoughts.

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That’s exactly my idea @Darrk something like that but the runs after/before MW not at the same time and that’s different to MW.

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Get rid of drafts every other round sounds good to me



Hardcore rules. Bring back Draco. Done.



I think that’s what we are missing. To much standard stuff is happening. Get a hardcore galaxy going. Bring back Draco. Or Pegasus and customise it a bit. With objectives not just infra and wars. Like rewards for hitting certain targets

Also would be good if you could donate fleet to other family members. Station on there planets too !



This is a really interesting idea!

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Yeh I don’t know what rewards and for what targets reached but I’m sure we could think of stuff between us all.

Add a bit of meaning achievements and role play to a galaxy.

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Sn is hardcore for the most part. I really would like making every other round a no drafts round would break up the big alliances like in mw this round were even before round started 2 alliances were formed



Bring back King of the Hill.
Do a SS hardcore round.
Go insane.
Divide into two teams fighting for total domination.
See who can come on top in an econ-race.
Have a galaxy with 100% map fog.
Lots of different ways to change things up and have a fun breather between flagship rounds.

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